Colombian cannabis company creates CBD brand for women

Clever Leaves, a Colombian cannabis company, has launched Esenia, its CBD brand for women. Esenia will launch in the UK market initially with a CBD spray and is then expected to expand to a range of five products. Clever Leaves, who are licensed to elaborate medicinal cannabis in the UK, launched at the recent Cannabis Europa conference.

The Esenia range, with its first product: Esenia Essential is currently the only hemp-based well-being Colombian product for women to be commercialized in the UK. It is aimed specifically at women, managing busy lives while aiming to stay fit and healthy.

Clever leaves

With benefits that CBD brings ranging from managing stress, improving sleep, improving focus, easing soreness and discomfort, the range’s developers promise that it provides women with a product that will ensure a harmonious balance to their lives.

“This achievement ratifies the huge steps that the Colombian industry is taking and is proof of our compliance to the demands and high standards of the European market,”

comments Alvaro Sanchez, Global Head of Consumer Products at Clever Leaves. “Presenting ESENIA we are meeting, in the most efficient way, the needs of the European market, starting with the UK. ESENIA highlights our commitment to the education, science, research and development of high-quality hemp-derived products,” adds Sanchez.

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