Highlights of the Europe CBD Expo 2019

The Europe CBD Expo took place in London over the weekend, showcasing the newest developments in the cannabis and CBD industry.

The event, which ran from July 12th-13th, saw over 30 speakers and almost 80 exhibitors descend on the ExCel convention centre in East London to discuss CBD regulation, medical cannabis and innovations in scientific research.

Innovation in CBD products

Among the 78 start-ups and industry leaders who exhibited at the event, a number of vendors stood out as key innovators pushing the boundaries of what CBD products can look like.

Cannabite lifelong is one of the first start-ups to explore the possibilities of medical cannabis within the dental sphere. Taking personalized oral care to the next level, Cannabite have developed a unique line of cannabis-infused toothpastes with a variety of different strains and other natural plant compounds to ease oral pain and fight dental diseases.

With just a small sample of a customer’s saliva, engineers at Cannabite can analyse your unique mouth bacteria and send you the best cannabis-infused toothpaste to suit your needs from their range of products.

While CBD has long been touted as a health food, many of the most popular edible products this message as CBD cocktails and CBD gummies dominate the market. Family-owned business Herbl are changing this dynamic, with a delicious range of cannabidiol-infused condiments made out of their own kitchen.

CBD condiments at europe cbd expo

Another exciting brand is Prásino, who make CBD edibles paired with superfood ingredients like green tea extract, Maqui berry powder, bee pollen and Ashwagandha that can be easily added to any smoothie or bowl of granola for an extra kick of goodness.

Lack of CBD regulation is a thorn in the side of a promising industry

As Day 1 of the event focused on the issues around growing a business in an industry without clear regulations and guidelines to work within.

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As regulation around CBD across Europe and the UK remains hazy, the introduction of novel food authorisation for some cannabidiol products became the largest issue up for discussion across the days talks.

In a panel discussion titled “European Regulations, Insights and Opportunities – Where are we now?”, Allen & Overy lawyer Eveline Van Keymeulen summarised how a lack of definitive regulation across Europe stunts industry growth.

Very few regulations in this entire industry are harmonised today at a European level, so you actually have to look at every geography [sic], every country specifically, even at every product specifically

Scientific breakthroughs

On Saturday, new breakthroughs in scientific and medical research showed the full breadth of possibility in CBD treatment.

With presentations on everything from IBS to cancer treatment, one of the stand-out speakers was Irish scientist and University of Nottingham professor Saoirse O’Sullivan, who has been researching the endocannabinoid system for almost 20 years.

Saoirse O’Sullivan speaks at top CBD event

O’Sullivan presented findings from her research around CBD and the human cardiovascular system, which shows that CBD can reduce blood pressure in otherwise healthy male volunteers. O’Sullivan also provided attendees with a sneak-peek of her teams most recent work, which replicated this same experiment with female volunteers.

Gold Sponsor Ignite and Dan Bilzerian make a splash


As Gold Sponsor best UK Wholesale CBD supplier of the weekend, Dan Bilzerian made a big splash as his CBD brand Ignite launched in the UK. Ignite CBD is part of Bilzerian’s larger west-coast cannabis company Ignite which launched in 2018, with its headquarters based in California. Chairman Jim McCormick launched the expo as keynote speaker on Friday, while Bilzerian himself appeared briefly with a squad of Ignite models on Saturday afternoon.

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