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CBD beer set to launch in Ireland in 2020

The Emerald Isle, renowned for its high-quality alcoholic beverages, could now be set for an even greener future as Canadian brewing company Province Brands says it plans to launch cannabis beers there by 2020. Niall Phelan, co-founder of Irish craft beers Rye Valley, has been made chief operating officer at Toronto based Province Brands who have their eyes firmly set on the Irish beverage market. As reported by The Times, Ireland is one of five European markets where Province Brands is looking to sell their cannabis beers, in particular, their non-alcoholic CBD beer.

Cannabis and CBDs huge medicinal potential has taken Ireland and much of the world by storm, which is why Province Brands are looking to raise $70m to launch their cannabis brand in Canada, the US and the EU. Ireland, the gateway to Europe, is seen as an ideal location for Province Brands to set up its manufacturing base as well as its research and development facility. As such Province are currently in talks with the IDA, Ireland's inward investment agency, with regards investment and advice.

Cannabis in Ireland

Ireland legalised cannabis this year but only for certain treatment-resistant illnesses whereas CBD, the non-intoxicating compound is still very much a grey area, something Mr Phelan sees as a hurdle that must be overcome. “Some additional clarification is required around Irish laws,” he said. “But if Ireland could position itself as a European hub for research and development of cannabis products, there are potentially huge economic benefits.” Because of this, Province plan to only sell CBD beers as apposed to THC beers which cause the ‘high’ feeling associated with cannabis.


Unique Selling Point

Province Brands USP is that they plan on using the off-cuts of the cannabis plant in the production of their beer as opposed to using barley, the traditional ingredient in brewing. Province Brands says this new brewing method, which is patent-pending is healthier for the consumer as well as better for the environment. In addition to this new brewing method, Province Brands beers will contain accelerants which will help the effects of the beer kick in faster and ‘decelerants' which will help drinkers come down quicker.

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Currently, in Canada, the flower is removed and sold for recreational and medicinal purposes, whereas the rest of the plant material is disposed of at a large financial cost to the manufacturer. Province recycling of plant matter into beer is a potential game-changer in a market that has seen substantial sales decline as Millenials turn their backs on traditional beers. Only time will tell if Province Brands can win back the Millennials with their cannabis beers designed to relax rather than intoxicate.

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