First Hemp CBD advertiser with a major campaign on the London Underground

Building on its status as one of the world’s most influential CBD brands, Elixinol Europe has launched a high profile media campaign using digital signage and video boards across key London Underground railway stations. The campaign is displayed across three main underground rail stations in Euston, St. Pancras and Charing Cross, Cannon Street, Kings Cross, and Fenchurch Street. The two-week campaign is expected to gross over 2.1m views across the London commuter demographic.

Kings Cross station

Massive reach for CBD company in London

Elixinol’s EU Sales and Marketing Director, Ali Atcha says of the campaign:
“As the global market for CBD products accelerates, we are taking the lead in driving brand awareness in capital cities. London’s busy rail stations provide an ideal canvas for our first major European digital video and signage campaign, with the very high footfall providing an unrivalled level of brand exposure to consumers.”

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The CBD brand messaging inspires trust

Working with media agency JCDecaux, the campaign combines strong Elixinol messaging in ‘the world’s most trusted hemp brand’, and highlights Elixinol quality products. The four creatives use sport, lifestyle and natural imagery to target popular consumer sectors for CBD products.

Leveraging engagement of commuters

This is the first time CBD or Hemp products have been advertised through the London Underground Rail digital media platforms, leveraging the high dwell time and high depth of engagement of rail commuters. Over 40% of rail users are open to inspiration and information when travelling (source: 2016) and they are 50% more likely to respond to out of home (OOH) advertising than non-rail commuters (source: TGI 2017).

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The Elixinol June campaign spans digital escalator panels, 65inch vertical format digital displays and across five massive Transvision screens at eye-level with train information boards. Each display runs a 10-second motion clip, headlining with the brand logo and ‘Hemp Extract Sale Now On’. It uses slide-in product photography and bullet point USPs such as ‘100% Organic’ and ‘Bulk Full Spectrum Extract’. A call to action ‘20% off’ flash is highlighted in red, with a prominent discount code appearing below the web address.

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National reach for Elixinol to include the Daily Mail online

The Elixinol Underground Rail digital campaign runs from the 10th to the 24th June, further strengthening Elixinol’s brand position in the UK’s capital city, and the world. A series of digital banner adverts will appear concurrently on the Daily Mail newspaper website to give national reach to the consumer promotion.

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