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New study will give 20,000 UK patients medical cannabis

Up to 20,000 UK patients will receive medical cannabis as part of a groundbreaking new study.

Through an initiative known as Project TWENTY21, British patients will be given medical cannabis over a period of two years in an effort to create the largest body of evidence around medical cannabis in Europe.

Medical cannabis in the UK is still out of reach for far too many,” said Professor David Nutt, founder of Drug Science – the body spearheading the initiative. Through Project TWENTY21, Drug Science aim to grant 20,000 UK patients with subsidised medical cannabis products by 2021.

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Project TWENTY21 will be launched at the Royal College of Psychiatrists this Thursday, who are backing the initiative to convince lawmakers in Europe that medical cannabis should be made as available and affordable as more traditional medications.

Although medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in 2018, activists and patient advocates have criticised the government for harsh restrictions around the drug. According to organizations like End Our Pain, these strict regulations make medical cannabis inaccessible to those who need it most.

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