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Dunkeld Diocese Bishop damns drugs

As we reported earlier this month, the Scottish National Party (SNP) were having their annual conference on the 13th – 15th October. One of the main topics up for discussion was the decriminalisation of possession and consumption of controlled drugs.

Well, it’s good news for most. The SNP took a vote on the motion and the resolution was passed unanimously. This means that health services will no longer be prevented from giving treatment to those in serious need, a huge boon for a country that, as of 2018, had the highest drug-related death rate in Europe.

However, not everyone is jumping for joy. Bishop of the Dunkeld Diocese (which includes Dundee), Stephen Robson, has slammed the decision as “an extremely retrograde and dangerous policy […] in the present climate”.

The church has always taken a very strong anti-drug stance, but with Dundee having a higher drug-related death rate than Portugal, perhaps it is time for a change in approach. It is time to worry about saving lives rather than saving “values and principles”. Education on what cannabis extracted CBD is and in particular the benefits of CBD and other extracts is something that is as far away as ever, without which medical cannabis will never be accepted into society.

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