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Want to help CBD flourish in Germany?

CannaTrust has entered into an exchange with the BVL (German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) regarding their comments about CBD as a Novel Food.

On the BVL website, they have officially stated that Cannabis sativa L. and derived products such as CBD are considered E.U.-wide as novel foods.

“For extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids (e. g. CBD) a significant history of consumption in the EU has still not been demonstrated by the economic operators, nor by the EIHA or any other association. For this reason, they are still considered EU-wide as novel foods.”

CannaTrust believes that this classification is misleading and will cause great difficulties for the entire industry. “Among other things, they lead to unauthorized official sales bans and uncertainty among consumers,” says the official CannaTrust press release. “This often results in unjustified complaints, raids, and sales stops.”

The BVL states that it will be happy to reevaluate the classification upon presentation of appropriate evidence.

That’s where CannaTrust needs your help.

You can help CannaTrust

Anyone with evidence of use in the period 1996/1997 should send it to [email protected]

CannaTrust hopes to collect enough evidence to present to the BVL in order to change the legal situation in the country.

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