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“A New Level of Absurdity” says HFI on Gardai’s raids

Last Friday, a raid by Gardai took place at the home of a single parent suffering from severe epilepsy who had just received a shipment from An Post. The Gardai acted under the Misuse of Drugs Legislation and after confiscating her delivery let the woman off with ‘a warning.’

The shipment in question? Hemp-derived CBD.

Another raid saw a graduate student return to his home and witness his parents being restrained at their kitchen table while Gardai searched their house. Again, for hemp products.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), the same body we take COVID-19 advice from, stated that CBD with 0.2% THC is not a drug and is safe for human consumption. It also further states that there is no abuse or illegal trade potential.

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“The extraordinary dismantling of Ireland's hemp industry by the Irish government continues at a new level of absurdity as armed Gardai raid the homes of Irish citizens who buy farmed hemp products.”

Businesses have also been adversely affected, for example, Little Collins CBD Dispensary in Galway city. Their premises and homes have been twice targeted and thousands of euros of products seized by the Customs Department with no recourse available to them.

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Speaking on Facebook about the raids, JP and Ide of Little Collins stated, “Numerous hemp trade bodies have been attempting for years to communicate with the Government to constructively move forward in this area. To date, they have routinely been IGNORED.

“The next 3 to 6 months are extremely important for the future of a cannabis industry in the Republic of Ireland. We implore you to be heard. Make no mistake, the battle for this plant is on and it is fierce.”

We need to have a serious talk about CBD legislation in this country if businesses are to survive and people are to get the treatment they need.

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You can read the full statement from Hemp Federation Ireland at this link.

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