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HFI respond to FSAI CBD recall

Hemp Federation Ireland (HFI) has released a press statement calling for the immediate withdrawal of a recent report by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) which prompted a recall of 14 CBD brands.

The HFI, a non-profit representative body for the Irish hemp sector, say that their primary concern is in relation to “exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims of toxicity levels regarding trace quantities of THC”.

The FSAI report states that a maximum 1 microgram of THC per kilogram of body weight is allowed but the HFI disputes this saying that “this sets an impossibly low bar for hemp food products”.

They say that prior to this report the advice from the FSAI was that CBD food products were allowed to be grown and sold in Ireland so long as the THC content was below 0.2%.

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The Extract contacted the FSAI in relation to these issues and was advised that “The acute reference dose is the opinion of the European Food Safety Authority as published in 2015.”

In relation to contacting hemp stakeholders prior to releasing reports, they said “The FSAI notifies the food businesses where non-compliances are found. Where consumer safety is at risk, the relevant food business is notified immediately prior to or as action is taken.”

The HFI did acknowledge common ground from the report agreeing that CBD products should be tested, food supplement providers should register products with the FSAI and that misleading claims should be removed.

Hemp Federation Ireland has asked for immediate clarity from Irish regulatory bodies as a growing number of Irish hemp farmers begin to prepare the ground for cultivation this year.

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