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Smokers are hotboxing at the top of Ben Nevis

Cannabis enthusiasts are seeking the ultimate high, by climbing to the top of Scotland’s largest peak to get stoned.

Recent reports state that many climbers are using an emergency shelter at the top of Ben Nevis to ‘hotbox’ cannabis. Hotboxing is the act of smoking weed in an enclosed space, which traps the smoke and boosts its effects for a more potent high.

The most recent incident was reported by hillwalker Murray Cheshire, 24, who discovered two men smoking and drinking beer in the shelter.

Cheshire posted a picture of the shelter, which is located near the 1,345 metre peak, along with the caption “Climbed Nevis to find two dudes hotboxing the wee den at the top”.

And it’s not the first time. Last month, climbers from Yorkshire noticed people smoking weed then proceeding to walk barefoot down the mountain – which is the largest peak in Britain.

While this behaviour is not indicative of all smokers, individuals putting themselves and emergency services at risk has become a worrying trend across the British Isles. Many smoke cannabis to relax others smoke cannabis to reduce weight.

In 2017, emergency services had to be called to rescue stranded stoners who were unable to make their way back down Scafell Pike in the Lake District.

On Facebook, a spokesperson from Cumbria police department stated “Persons phoning Cumbria Police because they are stuck on a mountain, after taking cannabis. Now having to deploy [mountain] rescue, air support and ambulance to rescue them. Words fail us …”

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