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Want to keep your weed safe? Now you can

A company called KEEP has created the world’s first connected storage and security device for cannabis.

The device, also called KEEP, connects to users’ phone via bluetooth and features a biometric lock. Users can prime their security with a thumbprint, facial recognition, or a passcode.

KEEP features a range of features including a hermetic seal, plus humidity and temperature thermometers that will keep cannabis fresh and odour-free. Each one can hold up to 28 grams of the best UK CBD flower and an in-built scale will allow owners to keep track.

“We really wanted to leverage the innovation happening with consumer electronic and apply it to cannabis, because it’s the maturation of the cannabis market,” said Philip Wilkins, one of the two co-founders of KEEP.

The device, which is expected to go on sale in March, will retail for around $300.

KEEP was recently selected as an honouree by the CES Innovation Awards in November. However, they were instructed to remove ‘cannabis’ from all their CBD marketing and promotional materials to be used on the CES show floor.

Due to these restrictions, KEEP decided that despite winning the top award it wasn’t in their best interests to exhibit at CES. KEEP is currently featured on the CES website alongside other honorees, and the word ‘cannabis’ is used across their description.

There is someone within the CES who sees the appeal of KEEP despite restricting its promotional material. By choosing them as an honouree they’ve celebrated responsible cannabis use and acknowledged the cannabis explosion.

If only they’d back up their praise with responsible actions.

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