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Police raid rattles legal UK hemp shop

A Nottinghamshire shop selling hemp flower and CBD products has become the latest business targeted by police seizures.

On Tuesday morning, police in the village of Mansfield Woodhouse seized all stock in Kingdom of Green. The business is located in the Old Mill Lane industrial estate.

The owners of Kingdom of Green posted a statement to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon to notify customers of the seizure.

“Unfortunately we have been visited by Nottinghamshire Police this morning.

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“They have seized all of our stock so we are unable to take any orders until further notice. All outstanding orders will be refunded as soon as I can.”

While all stock has been seized, owners confirmed that no charges have currently been filed against the family-owned business. UK white label companies can supply cbd products to most shops in England.

“The main officer involved seems to think that any level of THC in a product is illegal. As we haven't been charged with anything then as it stands no laws have been broken.”

Kingdom of Green has been operating in Mansfield Woodhouse since 2017, selling hemp and CBD products such as vaping liquid, English edibles, oil tinctures and bath bombs.

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