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Three CBD and cannabis predictions for 2020

A few years ago, most people had never even heard of CBD. But now, thanks in part to social media, that is changing. Laws are loosening and people are becoming aware of the potentially life-changing benefits of CBD and cannabis.

The world is changing fast and so is CBD and cannabis. There’s going to be a lot of exciting things in 2020. Today we look at three potential changes we're most excited for in 2020.

CBD at its most affordable yet

A huge problem for many people interested in CBD when it first gained popularity – the price tag. Back in 2014, a Forbes article said that you could expect to pay around $1.25 per mg! Most recommendations for CBD can start at around 50mg or more, so clearly this could get expensive fast.

However, by 2016, you could have expected to pay on average between 2.5 and 4 cents for the same milligram. But does declining price mean a deterioration of quality? Not necessarily.

It’s important to be aware of the company you buy from and do your research but for the most part, a low price tag doesn’t equate a bad product.

Expect to see more affordable CBD products in 2020 across the UK and Europe.

More legalisation

There is likely to be huge changes in the way CBD and cannabis are viewed from a legal standpoint in 2020.

It’s already taken huge steps in the United States with the introduction of the Farm Bill which granted legal status to CBD oil, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC and comes from the hemp plant.

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But things look set to be changing in the United Kingdom too.

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The UK Home Office officially stated in 2018 that hemp-derived CBD oil is completely legal as long as it contains a maximum of 0.2% THC.

However, since then there have been a lot of businesses wrongfully closed by police authorities. In 2020, we predict that there will be a lot more legislation introduced that can protect small business owners.

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With key organisations such as WHO releasing statements to support CBD, it’s highly probable that more countries will take steps towards legalisation in 2020.

Scientific evidence

Up until quite recently, there was very little that we knew about CBD. Largely we relied on anecdotal evidence and small sample studies. But now things are changing, and we predict that 2020 will be a big year.

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In the UK a major study is taking place where dementia patients will be treated with cannabis. This is a monumental leap for the advocates of medical uses for cannabis.

There is also a belief now that cannabis may help patients with Alzheimer’s.

Similar studies have taken place in the United States which was really the first country to take steps towards legalisation. In 2020, expect to see more pivotal tests and findings that could have significant knock-on effects for the industry as a whole.

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