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US government will spend $3 million on cannabis

The United States government will spend approximately $3 million on marijuana research.

The cumulative amount of money from nine research grants will help scientists better understand what exactly cannabis actually does for the human body. Up until now, research has been limited due to restrictive laws. Recently, however, legalisation and progressive law changes have freed up researchers to be better able to access cannabis.

While the federal government actually still considers the drug illegal, more than thirty states have permitted its use for medical purposes. There is some good evidence to back up the medical claims, too.

One of the recipients, Dr. Judith Hellman from University of California San Francisco, believes it’s important that science has a better understanding of the applications of medical cannabis.

Dr. Hellman’s research revolves around the body’s ability to produce signalling molecules similar to cannabis’s ingredients. “It’s very exciting to have the opportunity,” Dr. Hellman said.

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At the University of Illinois, researchers are working on creating a library of useful compounds found in cannabis.

David Sarlah, speaking for the university, described how marijuana contains so many small amounts of interesting ingredients but that it’s too costly and time-consuming to isolate them for research. There are so many potential benefits from cbd oil and cannabis that it’s important to know the science behind it how it actually helps people and to separate fact from fiction.

We believe that cannabis and in particular CBD can help society as a whole and this investment is for the betterment of society as we seek to regulate and understand the effects of the cannabis plant extracts.

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