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Yeezy unveils new algae shoe for 2020

Kanye West is attempting to make his Yeezy’s sustainable by adding a secret ingredient – algae.

West, who just last Friday dropped his newest album, ‘Jesus is King’, said that he wants to take his highly successful brand in a new direction.

On Zane Lowe’s show for Apple Music he said, “We're building farms here, because of the climate and because of the soil, that have hydroponic cotton, wheat, hemp.

“We're developing our own fabrics and we're gonna go from ‘seed to sew,' from farm to table so we can see the entire process… We gotta sustain, right?”

West talked about bringing many manufacturing jobs to the United States where even former inmates will have a second chance at success. He revealed at the Fast Company’s Innovation Festival that the brand would be moving to a 4,000-acre ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

Also, there are plans to use foam harvested algae that can be blended with an EVA material to produce the new Foam Runner. This shoe is expected to be launched in 2020. This eco-conscious sustainable hemp move by Yeezy is in keeping with their partner Adidas’ long time experimentation with eco-conscious designs.

Using materials like this isn’t without precedent. In Germany, Nat-2 vegan sneakers launched a 100% vegan sneaker which is made from actual cannabis leaves.

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