MGC Pharma to build Google of cannabis

Within the fast paced industry of CBD and medicinal cannabis, there are a number of top companies and ventures pushing the envelope. Australian-headquartered MGC Pharmaceuticals has partnered with RMIT (Research University) to develop a digital platform to help doctors find the best solution for their patients requiring medicinal cannabis. It recently completed its first stage of development for the digital interface.

Cannabis portal to research, trials and best practice at a touch of a button

The International Library of Cannabinoids (ILC), dubbed the “Google of medicinal cannabis” by MGC Pharma’s co-founder Roby Zomer, will provide doctors with a portal to clinical research and information on different cannabinoid sequences and their potential treatments.

The database collects comprehensive information about strains (including genetics, growing conditions and chemical profile) and clinical trials (including details of diseases and follow up treatments.

Medical cannabis ireland

“This data will over time benefit doctors and industry to choose the right strain for treating a specific disorder. While the regulatory and prescribing regime must be robust to ensure only appropriate clinical access within the confines of the legislation, patients and doctors should not have to jump through hoops and wait months to access a drug that may improve a patient’s quality of life.” Zomer from MGC Pharma said.

Cannabis database to fast-track treatment

The President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Bastian Seidel recently said that the highly bureaucratic, time-consuming and expensive process for prescribing medicinal cannabis products” needed to come to an end.

Zomer hopes the ILC could provide a foundation to overcome some of those barriers.
“Potentially industry changing, it is hoped that the ILC platform will increase doctors’ understanding of the potential usages of cannabinoid-based medicinal products thus leading to increased adoption, potentially improved patient experience and heightened demand for products,” he added.

An article in the Guardian UK this week ran with a headline – ‘Doctors not prescribing medicinal cannabis due to a lack of clinical trials' – this portal could be just what we need this side of the world.

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