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Ugandan marijuana is coming to EU

A team of EU inspectors have approved medical marijuana products from Uganda to be imported, the Daily Monitor reported recently. This will pave the way for local growers to tap into a huge global cash crop and cbd market.

A group of medical marijuana inspectors from Holland inspected the cannabis grow sites at Hima, Kasese District between 29th July and 4th August and issued a certificate of compliance to Industrial Globus Uganda Ltd thereafter. This certificate covers a period between 6th August 2019 and 5th August 2020.

Mr. Benjamin Cadet, the company director said, “Control Union Certifications is the EU mandated body for certification of the medical cannabis. Now that the EU has approved our products – the medical marijuana exports and the entire manufacturing chain – from planting to harvest, we are going to export medical marijuana products made in Uganda to European markets.” Mr. Cadet explained that the company itself is a joint venture between Industrial Hemp Uganda and Together Pharma of Israel. This is a massive win for the company who, in June, missed out on a deal worth just under €150million to supply both in Germany and Canada because it had not secured the correct approvals from the EU.


The exports that will come from the farm in Hima include both CBD and THC with mixtures of 2.7mg THC and 2.5mg CBD for Sativex drugs to be approved of in Europe, Canada, and the USA. The inspectors from the EU also approved of propagation through cloning of vegetal material, cultivation, harvesting, drying, curing, packaging, and storage of cannabis inflorescences of medical use. There is a great opportunity for companies in Uganda to make a huge amount of money from the growing CBD and cannabis markets. At least fifty other companies have applied to join Industrial Globus Uganda Ltd., but they will need to be reviewed by the government in order to see what the economic benefits will be.

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However, all signs point to the Ugandan government throwing its full support behind cannabis as it could really aid the east-central African country. But even if Uganda embraces marijuana, there are still many laws that prohibit its use have a history, both recreationally and medicinally. These laws will take a long time to soften with conservatives. Ugandan First Lady Janet Museveni, for example, has said that allowing cannabis cultivation to happen is “satanic and will kill the future of our children.”


On the contrary, with EU certificates now approving Uganda’s burgeoning cannabis crop, the influx of money and jobs could do a great deal to brighten the future of Uganda’s children. As a more liberally-minded view of cannabis takes hold in Europe, as well as Asia and the Americas, more countries will open their doors to cannabis and hemp and this will only add to the possibilities for Uganda.

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