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Is CBD causing damage to livers?

Industry officials are set to begin human trials that look at the effects of hemp-based CBD on the liver.

Clinical research and data firm ValidCare LLC will join several major CBD companies on an industry-wide study to look at the effects of full-spectrum and why its different to isolate, hemp-derived CBD, as well as CBD isolate on at least 700 human subjects.

This will hopefully answer a lot of questions and concerns the FDA have had concerning the damage that CBD products can cause to the liver. However, hemp executives have argued that the FDA’s liver-related concerns are based on research done with CBD isolate which contains far greater quantities of CBD than is typically found in broad or full-spectrum hemp extracts.

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An FDA spokesperson said, “The marketplace for CBD-containing products is quickly evolving and it is critical to develop high-quality data to close the knowledge gaps about the science, safety and quality of many of these products, as well as further evaluate any potential benefits outside of the one FDA-approved drug product to treat two rare, severe pediatric epilepsy disorders.”

Researchers will collect evidence from people in the United States who have consumed oral CBD and what dosage works best for at least 60 days. It’s set to commence in the third quarter of 2020.

Tim Orr, VP of innovation at Charlotte’s Web, one of the biggest selling CBD brands in the world who are also taking part in the study, said that while the FDA is “hard to read” in terms of what they’ll do with the findings he’s confident it could lead to progress in the future.

“As we continue to add more information to specifically address the areas where they have concerns—in this case liver toxicity—I think they’re going to get closer… with recommendations and a path forward.”

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