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    2 weeks ago

    Business plan presented by the APPG for CBD products

    Yesterday, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for CBD (Cannabidiol) Products presented the Plan for a Legal and Regulated UK Hemp…
    4 weeks ago

    JM Wholesale shares successes, struggles, and outlook for the CBD industry

    In operation since 2017, JM Wholesale has paved the way in the industry in a short number of years by…
    5th July 2022

    JM Wholesale Meets FSA Challenge with Novel Catalogue of CBD Products

    CBD stockist JM Wholesale has proudly emerged as the UK’s foremost distributor of approved products following tough regulations imposed by the Food…
    30th June 2022

    Airline Chaos Adds to Decision to Postpone World CBD Awards

    With just two weeks to go until the World CBD Awards global event, the team at WCA have made the…
    28th June 2022

    Two trade groups leave UK CBD advisory board amid conflict over sector guidance

    While it seemed like the UK was finally making progress regarding the policies surrounding CBD, there has been a setback…

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