Private Label & White Label CBD Products UK

The Extract has the most extensive CBD white label program available in the UK, with over 850 fantastic white label products to choose from.

The Extract has over 800 CBD white label products to help you launch a business using products already in the Novel Foods approval process. You can buy goods with 100% markup with Low MOQ's and higher margins where you are doing large scale production runs. By dealing with us directly you can be assured of the necessary certification and advice, we use factories with good manufacturing practice (GMP), we have submitted the Novel Foods application for all edibles and provide a flexible, highly responsive and professional white label CBD service. New clients can launch a range of skincare, vaping and teas into the UK market without ~Novel foods approvals, other items like a CBD gummy, tinctures, capsule and oils the FSA requires that they be on the approved for sale list which was published in June 2022 and has been updated constantly with the latest edition being February 2023. Wholesale is an option for these type products and The Extract has a range of products with 100% markups available for clients wanting to enter the CBD space.

We also have a full range of supplements, these can be in addition to your CBD range and cab be used to help digestion, general health, menopause and many other ares of health. Mark up on these products tends to be higher, we have a vegan and non vegan capsule range available.

You will be able to supply your customer base quickly and easily with access to CBD products like CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD coffee, CBD edibles, CBD tea, CBD Vape juice, CBD Pouches and CBD beauty creams. We have over 850 white label CBD products to choose from.

We are reliable and trusted CBD Manufacturers in UK

Many UK and EU companies have used our program to create successful brands, easily and quickly. We have designed our CBD manufacturing division to meet the highest quality levels of white labelled products, whether it be our CBD tinctures, CBD capsules or CBD skincare products. Through our GMP certified facilities, helpful in-house designers and our proven customer care team we can help your business to succeed.

We have a track record of providing our customers with a smooth experience, helping identify the best products range for you and building profitable brands.

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Private Label CBD UK vs White Label CBD Oil UK – Which one should you choose?

Many UK CBD companies use the terms white label and private label interchangeably but it's important to understand the difference and to know what one is best for you.

White labelling is using a tried and tested product that has passed both the consumer test and also the regulatory ones. There are very few changes that you can make to these products, but the packaging and branding can be custom designed to align with your vision.

One of the advantages of white labelling has over private label CBD is that it has low minimum order quantities (MOQ), often zero as the product is differentiated by what you print on the label or the box, not by its contents.

A private label CBD program is preferred by some clients, it requires a more in-depth collaboration between us and the brands. With custom ingredients, formulations and packaging, it means the IP remains with the client, however, these private label products involve much longer lead times and testing to allow for the formulation of new blends and mixes.

As a business, you can differentiate yourself by adding a small number of ingredients to a proven base formula, when working with cosmetic products you are allowed to change them by up to 2% before sending for extra stability testing. Many brands add essential oils, vitamins and levels CBD custom to your product is possible to make it unique and stand out on shop shelves.

What are the profit margins on white label CBD products UK?

The general margins for white label edibles and tinctures tend to be 150-200%. A tincture costing you £5 at wholesale would generally sell for £12-15. Skincare would have a much higher margin and as you purchase from the factory you can expect to pay £6-10 pounds for a high quality CBD cream with premium labels and organic ingredients. This would in turn sell for £30-100. CBD Balms would usually have a 200% margin and low MOQ's. The cost of CBD has fallen in recent years meaning better value for the consumer and higher margins for you and increases your company's development.

Start your CBD business with our White Label CBD Products

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Choose the most popular CBD products for White Label

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Beauty Cosmetics
  • CBD Tea & Coffee
  • CBD Edibles & Gummies
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Oral Sprays
  • CBD Balms & Creams
  • CBD Pouches

Here at The Extract, we use vast amounts of market driven data to help you choose the most in demand products and advise on what strengths and flavours that sells to your target market. If unsure of what exact products you want to white label, we supply you with a selection of wholesale CBD products to test the market. This allows you to know for certain what resonates well with your customers, before committing and investing in your CBD brand.

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Our white labelled CBD products are made with high quality ingredients

All our wholesale raw material is derived from farms in Colorado and California and GMP certified facilities. This ensures peace of mind that the quality and purity of the cannabidiol within the goods are of the highest standard, with full traceability from seed to shelf. This makes a huge difference when it comes to consumers choosing between two different items.

Our raw materials are third party lab tested in ISO-accredited facilities further validate the value of our raw materials used in all white labelling partnerships. All of the ingredients and stages of our supply chain go through rigorous testing before we ship them to you.

Our wholesale white label service has a large choice of items with Certificates of Authenticity and Novel Foods applications submitted for both the UK and Europe.

We offer high quality products with low MOQs

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to white labelled products as they often have very low, or even no, minimum order quantities MOQ) and we’re no different. Heres an overview of our MOQs:

ProductMinimum Order Quantity
CBD TincturesNo MOQ
CBD CapsulesNo MOQ
CBD GummiesNo MOQ
CBD Skincare Products250
CBD Balms50
CBD Pouches100

On top of this, we have 877 items to choose from, this allows you to curate a very specialised and unique product line and shopping experience for your customers. Once you partner with us, we provide a complimentary consultancy service for start-up companies the help you get up and running.

Build your own CBD brand

Choosing to use white labelled CBD oil products allows you to spend time on other vitally important aspects of your company, like building your brand. A strong, trustworthy brand is what differentiates you from others, it’s what people recognise while shopping and it’s what they recommend to their friends. Combining our tried and tested products with your vision for your brand is a smart way to ensure success.

What are the most popular White Labelled CBD Oil Products?

Our product range has over 250 different types of white labelled CBD oil goods ranging from teas to tinctures, edibles to balms and moisturisers to capsules. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most popular items.

Our flavours
  • Citrus: for that sharp, sweet, fruity midday boost.
  • Peppermint: it's fresh on your breath and leaves you with a cool, tingling sensation.
  • Mixed Berry: flavoured with natural extracts, the mixed berry is one of our most popular flavours.
  • Vanilla: for a sweet-smelling, smooth-tasting tincture, vanilla comes highly recommended.
  • Orange: this tincture both smells and tastes great.
  • Chocolate: we've put our own spin on the world's favourite flavour.
  • Strawberry: mixed berry isn't the only berry flavour in our arsenal. Our strawberry tinctures smell great and taste even better.
  • Coffee: for those who love the taste of coffee, but don't love the jitters that come with it.
  • Toffee: our toffee-flavoured tinctures are for people who want to mix their love of tinctures with their love of sweets.
  • Terpenes: We offer the full selection of cannabidiols to be added.
White label CBD Oral Sprays

CBD oral sprays also make for a very accurate method of dosing. Each spray releases a precise dose of CBD. This takes the complication out of dosing, and ensures that consumers get the perfect dose of CBD every single time. Read more about CBD Dosage guide.

The effects of CBD oil sprays are almost immediate. Spraying CBD directly onto the tongue means that it is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. Therefore, your customers can expect to see instantaneous results. This makes CBD oral sprays the perfect method of consumption for individuals who suffer from panic attacks or who need an instant, fast-acting dose of CBD.

They are also a popular absorption method for pets. A CBD oral spray can help improve the quality of life for animals, especially those with joint problems, skin issues, and separation anxiety.

Our flavours

Our white label CBD oil sprays have no MOQ and we produce up to 5,000 units a day. This means that we are able to cater to any order – from small, independent companies, to multinational producers of CBD.

Our CBD oral sprays are available in an array of strengths off the shelf or we can customize any order.

  • 250mg CBD
  • 500mg CBD
  • 1000mg CBD

White Label CBD Skincare Products

CBD infused skincare is making waves across the cosmetics industry. We have a choice of over 350 beauty products that have active ingredients to tackle ageing and problem skin. These items is then infused with CBD to create unique skincare treatments for you to white label and private label. We create each batch separately for you and add as much or as little CBD as you need for your buyers. We are the highest quality and most flexible skincare CBD white label supplier in UK.

All our CBD skincare products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They are also certified by Leaping Bunny, as we do not test on animals, at any point. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, our White Label skincare line is making strides to keep up. We cut out unnecessary, harmful steps and ingredients, to provide clients with the best CBD products possible.


White Label CBD Tea

Our CBD tea comes in biodegradable tea bags which are either hemp tea or a blended tea. The blended tea has a 50/50 mix of hemp to release the CBD into the tea. We currently produce:

  • Breakfast tea infused with CBD
  • Wild strawberry & raspberry tea infused with CBD
  • Lemon & ginger tea infused with CBD
  • Peppermint tea infused with CBD
  • Chamomile tea infused with CBD
CBD oil in Coffee

White Label CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is relatively new to the UK and the process of roasting the beans is a delicate process that ensures the coffee is compliant with UK laws and has a familiar taste as well as releasing coffee into the body.

Our range of CBD coffee includes Plain Hemp & Coffee, Decaf Plain Hemp & Coffee, Speciality Coffee & Hemp, Decaf Speciality Coffee & Hemp, Espresso Coffee & Hemp,  Instant Coffee & Hemp (Loose),  Instant Coffee & Hemp (Pouched).

We are the CBD White Label UK Experts

We are here to help your business be a success and will work with you to develop not only the range of quality CBD products but also help build your brand with advice on design, marketing and the latest industry trends.

Now is the time to start your CBD business so contact our professional team today and get your free consultation.

White Label CBD Products FAQ

We source our raw material from California and Colorado in the US and make our products in factories in Poland. At every stage, our items are with accredited and reputable manufacturers. All of our goods are of the highest quality, are third-party lab tested and come with a COA ensuring they are of the highest standards.

Yes, with extra shipping charges.

Delivery times depend on your order. edibles have 2-3 days lead time depending on order size. Standard balms take 5 days and custom skincare have a 6-8 weeks lead time.

It is not possible to make changes to white labelled products. We also offer private labelled products where you can alter, tweak and customise the formula to whatever you’d like.

Of course. You can get in touch with us here.

Again, this depends on the product you’re interested in. Check out the table above in this article for the specifics.



It depends on the products, please contact us to know more details.

Our packaging options vary from childproof containers which are secure and reliable so you don't have to worry, sustainable ranges to high end luxury finishes. We take no shortcuts when it comes to customer satisfaction and safety. Glass, bamboo, compostable outers, eco-friendly ranges are all part of what we offer. We also have a choice of design companies each with 3+ years in the CBD space.

There are so many benefits to buying wholesale – check out our CBD wholesale program and see why it’s so popular.

You have the freedom to be able to set your own pricing structure. We believe that margins are important for everyone, we have very transparent pricing and want to ensure that you have the best possible pricing to create a successful long term relationship with our team.

Shipping and distribution to your clients is not one of the services we offer. By selling and shipping in bulk, we’re able to offer the best price possible to you.

We will advise on the legal requirements and best practice. Get our experts advice.

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