THC Vape juice UK: Where is the best place to find it?

CBD has dominated the conversation for quite some time, but there seems to be a slightly newer kid on the block these days – THC vape juice. We have been using tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the most active compounds in the cannabis plant, for thousands of years. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in a new, more convenient form. THC vape juice in the UK has been a hot topic in recent times, with many people wondering what it is and where they can get their hands on it.

THC, just like CBD, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be found in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, however, THC has psychoactive properties.

This means that consumers will experience an intoxicating, euphoric feeling, often referred to as a “high”. The substance is also well-known for inducing an insatiable appetite, hallucinations, uncontrollable giggling, and sometimes nausea in consumers.

What is THC vape juice in the UK?

THC vape juice in the UK is similar to CBD vape juice. It is a solution made up of water or alcohol, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). Depending on what type of vape juice you choose, it may contain nicotine, CBD, or THC concentrates.

Nicotine e-liquids first became popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Many people believe it is a slightly healthier option as you’re not inhaling the many potentially harmful chemicals that tobacco smoke contains.

However, it wasn’t long before e-liquids evolved to contain substances like THC and CBD, as manufacturers were able to infuse cannabinoids as well as flavourings into vaping solutions. Giving users another convenient option when it comes to getting their daily dose.

THC extraction is very similar to extracting other cannabinoids, like CBD. Many manufacturers opt for CO2 extraction to remove the THC extract from the cannabis flower quickly and efficiently. This results in a highly potent extract that can be infused into a carrier oil, to form a solution suitable for vaping devices.

THC vape juice in the UK is often preferred to more traditional methods of consumption because of the potency. Generally speaking, dried cannabis herb can offer 20% THC potency. THC vape juice, on the other hand, can offer 80-90% potency.

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What are the pros and cons of vaping THC?

THC vape juice in the UK is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using the substance.

Convenience and Discretion

Many people opt for THC vape juice in the UK because it is more discreet and convenient. Cannabis has a very distinctive smell, therefore, smoking in public is far from discreet. Vaping THC, on the other hand, may be a more low-key option. It is worth noting that THC vape juice in the UK will still have a similar smell to cannabis, but it may not be as strong.

Convenience is also a contributing factor to the popularity of THC vape juices in the UK. Although many people love the ritual of rolling a joint or packing a bowl, it is not always the case. Opting for a ready-to-use vaping solution requires a lot less preparation, equipment, and time. Simply make sure your vape pen is charged and the tank is full.

The convenience of use is slightly outweighed by the inconvenience of getting the substance though. Currently, THC is considered to be a controlled substance in the UK. This means that retailing, purchasing and consuming the substance is illegal. Therefore, it may be difficult to find in the UK.

A higher potency

Another reason people prefer THC vape juice over traditional methods of ingestion is the potency. As mentioned above, vape juices offer a much higher THC content and therefore, you need a lot less of it to produce the same effects as traditional methods of consumption. Therefore, they may be more convenient and more cost-effective.

The high potency can also be a major drawback of vaping THC though. Because of the high cannabinoid content, THC vape juice can be quite dangerous. When it comes to integrating cannabinoids into your daily routine, it can be difficult to find the right dosage for you. It often means a trial and error period where you need to experiment to tailor the CBD dosage to your body and your needs.

Because CBD, for example, doesn’t have intoxicating effects, this process is unlikely to have any adverse effects. Taking too much THC, on the other hand, can cause extreme intoxication, impaired judgement, impaired cognitive and motor skills, as well as nausea and vomiting. Regularly ingesting high concentrations of THC can also lead to physical and mental dependency on the substance.

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Where can I buy THC vape juice in the UK?

As we mentioned before, THC vape juice in the UK might be hard to find. This is because it is actually an illegal substance according to current legislation. This is largely due to its intoxicating properties and the effects that it has on consumers.

Even CBD manufacturers and retailers need to be careful when it comes to THC content. This is because all finished products must contain less than 1 mg THC to be sold and consumed legally in the UK.

Unlike our American neighbours, THC hasn’t been legalised in the UK just yet. That’s why sourcing THC vapes in the UK might be tricky and it may not be worth the risk. Cannabis and cannabis-related products are categorised as a Class B drug, according to the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, therefore possession and distribution are punishable with time in prison, hefty fines or both.

What should I look out for when buying THC vape juice in the UK?

If you are hoping to find THC vape juice in the UK, you should be aware of some potential issues that you might encounter.

As liquid THC in the UK is a controlled substance, there are no regulations when it comes to products. Therefore, if you’re considering buying some from an online retailer, you have no way of really knowing what you’re buying.

There are no regulations when it comes to THC vape juice in the UK, in terms of labelling, production, or marketing. Therefore, the product that you’re buying might be labelled as “cannabis vape oil”, but in the UK you cannot be sure. The product may not contain THC at all, it may simply contain a high concentration of CBD isolate, or no cannabinoids at all.

Similarly, if you’re hoping to buy THC vape liquid in the UK the product may contain THC but you will have no way of knowing how much. When purchasing CBD products, we suggest always consulting the Certificate of Analysis (COA) corresponding to that particular product. This is a report, produced by third-party laboratory testing facilities that shows the potential buyer how much CBD etc is in the product.

Unfortunately, when trying to procure THC vape juice in the UK, you may not get a trustworthy COA with the product. This also means that there would be little to no THC or there might be dangerously high levels of THC in the product. In addition, there is no proof that the product is safe for human consumption or has been produced in audited, safe manufacturing facilities.

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Are there any alternatives to THC vape juice?

Unlike THC vape juice in the UK, it can be legally sold and consumed in 11 states in the US and therefore, it is widely available from sites like The Vape Shop and Hail Mary Jane. However, importing said products into the UK is not advisable as you could be landed with hefty fines or a prison sentence.

What can you do if you simply cannot wait for THC to be legalised in the UK? You could try out some CBD concentrates as a legal, and effective substitute! The majority of people who wish to try THC vape juices in the UK, want to try them because they believe they will help with sleep and relaxation. Luckily, CBD has similar benefits.

To get the same experience, we recommend opting for a full-spectrum CBD vape juice. You can use it in the same way as you would use a THC vape oil, with the same type of vape pen. Alternatively, you could try CBD crumble or shatter.

Opting for a CBD-infused vape oil, you can get some of the same benefits as liquid THC but you don’t have to worry about sourcing it or facing penalties for possession. In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting good quality products. Simply opt to source your vape juices from reputable suppliers like CBD Village – you can browse their extensive range here.


THC vape juice in the UK is becoming increasingly popular in terms of interest because many people believe it is a more discreet and convenient alternative to smoking a dry cannabis herb. However, sourcing the product might prove tricky as it is a controlled substance in the UK.

Procuring THC vape juice in the UK isn’t only tricky, it may be a waste of money or potentially dangerous. This is because there are no regulations about the production of vape oils, or how they’re marketed. At best, you could waste your money on a product that doesn’t actually contain any cannabinoids. At worst, you could end up purchasing a product that is harmful to your health.

We recommend substituting THC vape juice in the UK with high-quality CBD products instead. You can enjoy all the benefits associated with THC, like improved sleep and reduced stress, whilst abiding by the law.

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