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CBD and Cannabis business enablers

The Extract brings together a team of CBD, hemp and medicinal marijuana business enthusiasts who support the distribution of content that helps to educate the hemp, CBD and medical cannabis community, our writers are not profit driven and we believe our articles are impartial and well researched sources of information but business and consumers alike. Our newsroom attracts talented and passionate people who want to serve our community so you find out more about CBD and cannabis extracts, join our newsletter for trusted analysis and opinion delivered straight to your inbox. We cover the news and explore the business of cannabis but also address the burning questions that our readers want answers too. We give you commentary, the truth, profiles, leadership interviews and takeaways to foster a healthy cannabis culture so you can make empowered choices.

CBD and cannabis education is important, Its important business can be given the best advice and suppliers and we have sourced the best cbd wholesale suppliers for the UK and a host of reputable CBD white label companies to ensure only the best products make it to the shelves of the supermarkets.

Our Values

Trust is very important to us. Our journalism will reflect this and is not influenced by 3rd party commercial brands- We aim to be transparent in our communication and trust is essential for relationship building. We have a commitment to you, the reader to nurture this through the continued strength of our content.

We are a curious bunch. Open-minded and vibrant – we ask a lot of questions and get to the source. We understand there is limited research into CBD but we believe there is a huge well of anecdotal evidence to support the use of medical cannabis for many. We seek to find the truth about CBD and cannabis so we can share on this amazing platform we call TheExtract, a home for integrative wellness and discovery.

It takes a village. We collaborate. Through the creative gene pool at The Extract, there is some serious expertise to fulfil our mission. We lean in and support each other. We also draw support from reputable third-party resources in the ‘green' landscape.

Our Goal
To present facts to the audience as they seek to find out more about the effects of THC and other cannabinoids, where we think it is appropriate we also bring breaking CBD news as it unfolds. To report on cannabis related stories that are sometimes bite-sized, but always focused, engaging commentary and always deliver quality content in the CBD, hemp and the cannabis sphere. Let us help you find the best UK CBD shops online and bricks and mortar. Content will feature topical news pieces and offer impartial and editorial perspectives across multiple categories, including political, law, medical, business, technology and events. If it’s trending we will cover it.

We start the conversation. We’d love you to join in….

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