10 Best Vapes of 2022 | Best Weed & CBD Vaporisers UK

Arguably the two biggest buzzwords of the 2010s were CBD and vapes. Both of which went from strength to strength, independently forming multi-billion dollar industries. Consequently, in the UK we have seen a dramatic rise in those wishing to vape CBD.

There is no doubt that both CBD and vapes will carry their popularity into 2021, but with great popularity comes an even greater headache for consumers, because selecting the exact products to suit your requirements of functionality and aesthetics while also matching your price range can pose a daunting task.

10 Best Vapes in Uk for 2022

Let us help you wade through the myriad of options and select the top 10 best vapes for vaping CBD in the UK. We will choose a selection of dry herb, e-liquid, tabletop and portable vaporizers, all in the hope of making that decision a little bit easier:

1 – Pax 3 Vaporizer

What better place to begin than the formidable Pax 3 dry herb vape. Compact and stylish with a long battery life and the ability to vape both buds and concentrates. Definitely one of the most popular vaporizers of the last decade and no doubt will be again this year. A near-perfect product that makes vaping CBD flower strains quick and easy and the slender and fashionable design looks amazing anywhere.


2 -Smok Priv N19 Vape Kit

smok priv

A value for money product that combines finesse with functionality. This vape is perfect for the beginner looking to get into the world of box mod, e-liquid vaporizers. Combine this portable and easy-to-use vaporizer with your favourite brand and flavour of CBD-infused vape juice for a stress-free and easy CBD experience.

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3 – Innokin Endura

Sleek, stylish and affordable. This vaporiser is highly rated by all that use it and comes as a starter kit with a pen-style tank, battery and atomiser. It holds an incredible 2.5 mL for such a slender design, which will last most users all day with a fully charged battery. The Endura can charge via USB and the tank is easy to top up, making it one of the most convenient vapes on the market.

Innokin T18 2

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4 – Cali Greens CBD GO

Cali Greens and the best vaping cbd   have produced an excellent range of pre-filled vape pens that are perfect for those new to vaping or those who want to try CBD without breaking the bank first. Available in flavours such as Blackcurrant Ice, Amnesia Mango and Lemon Haze, these pocket-friendly CBD vapes contain 120 mg of CBD in 2 mL of liquid. These vaporizers are easy to use on the go and contain enough CBD to last most people 4-5 days.

Cali greens cbd go

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5 – Boundless CFX

You won’t find a dry herb vape on the market with hybrid heating system that produces this level of flavour for such a low price. Not the most discreet vape on the market, but if that doesn’t bother you, you will acquire a vaporizer that heats up quickly, produces consistently good vapour and is built to last. A perfect portable for CBD buds.

boundless cfx

6 – CBDfx Disposable Vape Pen

Possibly the highest rated disposable CBD vaporizer on the market for flavour and convenience. Containing 100% organic, USA-grown hemp, each disposable contains either 30 or 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, providing you with your cannabinoid hit without the worry of ingesting any THC. With excellent flavours such as fresh mint, pineapple express and blue raspberry, these disposables have some of the best reviews on the market.

7 – Volcano Classic

What list of vapes is complete without this classic from Storz & Bickel. This tabletop, dry herb vape is a brilliant piece of kit that is easy-to-use and built to last. You can pay extra for a digital screen but we feel the classic works just as well. There’s a reason why Storz & Bickel have been using their technology to develop approved medical devices. If you are after a medical-standard vape for your CBD buds for use in your home, then look no further than the Volcano.

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8 – CBD Asylum CBD Stik Disposable Pen

Every disposable CBD Stik for CBD Asylum contains 100 mg of purified CBD in a convenient package that’s perfect for the CBD on the go. It will last approximately 300 puffs and contains enough CBD to last most users 4 days. Available in either delicious berry or cool menthol flavours, this vape pen harbours all the qualities you’d expect from a high-end vape product for an incredibly affordable price.

CBD Asylum CBD Stik

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9 – Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

The only other desktop vaporizer might not be affordable for everyone, so we felt compelled to include this premium unit that comes at an affordable price. It does everything the Volcano does for 30% of the cost. It has a 100% pure convection oven leading vertically to the glass bowl which is designed to optimize the flavour and consistency of the vapour produced. It contains an LED adjustable temperature control adjustable in 1-degree increments to suit any type of CBD flower you may have.

arizer v tower

10 – Vaporesso Revenger X

Last but by no means least, we finish our list with another e-liquid vaporizer that is perfect for those wishing to use CBD vape juice. Combining 220 W of power with a 2 ml tank makes this vape perfect for those who wish to vape their CBD efficiently and with technology that only serves to enhance the e-liquid you choose. This vaporizer has been a hit for people using it for normal nicotine-based liquids, but there’s no reason why you can’t combine it with CBD juice.


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