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Deciding which UK CBD supplier or manufacturer to source your products from is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a business owner, and we urge you not to make this decision lightly. That's why we have put together a helpful guide to make things easier for you.

If you’re considering getting involved with the CBD industry, either by creating your own products or selling white-label products under your own brand name, now is the time to do it.

Since the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK in 2018, the industry has seen significant growth year after year. The UK CBD market is set to reach a net worth of £1 billion by 2024, but it wouldn’t be surprising the industry reaches this milestone sooner.

Choosing a UK CBD supplier: Factors you should consider

To build a trustworthy reputation as a CBD retailer, your customers will need to trust that your products are safe and of the highest quality. Your products will reflect everything that manufacturers and suppliers do.

Initially, when you start researching white label services and wholesale CBD suppliers, you will be met with a vast array of options. But how do you identify the best CBD suppliers in the UK and Europe? There are a couple of key factors that will help you.

Certificates of Analysis (COA)

A certificate of analysis is a laboratory report that details the ingredients found in a particular product. This report should show all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that are present in the product. It should also provide you with the potencies of these cannabinoids.

This detailed report is vital to prove that the contents of the product match with the contents advertised. The UK CBD industry has few official regulations and therefore there is an abundance of brands stocking products with inaccurate labelling. You should be able to obtain COAs easily and the information should be clearly laid out.

You should always refer to the COA for every product before purchasing. Suppliers and manufacturers should share this information to show that they fully stand behind their products. It also shows the manufacturer's commitment to transparency and quality assurance. If a manufacturer or supplier doesn’t provide you with a COA, you should be wary. It could mean that something isn’t quite right with the products that they’re selling.

Certificates to prove compliance with regulations

As the CBD industry grows in the UK and Europe, the industry is becoming more regulated. This means higher standards for products to make sure that they’re safely produced and are safe to consume.

When sourcing a CBD wholesale supplier, you should look for certifications that prove that every process is compliant with UK and EU law.

License to grow

In Europe, it is only legal to grow hemp plants that have THC content below 0.2%. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a naturally occurring compound it has psychoactive properties. For this reason, lawmakers consider it a controlled substance in the UK and EU. However, you are permitted to grow plants with trace amounts of the compound (under 0.2%), provided you have the relevant certification.

To legally grow hemp in the UK, you need to possess a license issued by the Home Office. This license expires after three years and defines the commercial end-use for the crop.

Leaves and flowers of the hemp plant are considered to be controlled parts of the plant and therefore this license requires that they are destroyed on-site.

All products must contain less than 1 mg THC

THC has intoxicating effects and it is classified as a Class B drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1971. However, CBD products can legally contain under 1 mg THC, as this small amount isn’t enough to have any intoxicating effects on consumers.

This is the main reason that COAs and seed to sale traceability are so important when sourcing a hemp oil supplier. You need to be confident that the products that you’re purchasing and stocking are fully compliant with UK regulations.

The 1 mg legal limit applies to all finished CBD products, regardless of size. This means that every product container cannot contain more than 1 mg THC, regardless of THC percentage or size of the container.

Third-party laboratory testing and CBD suppliers

Many uk cbd suppliers opt for third-party testing. This means that independent laboratories test samples of products and provide reports and COAs to show their findings. When sourcing a CBD supplier in the UK, this is a key indicator that the supplier provides safe, premium quality products.

Providing third-party test results is beneficial because they provide unbiased test results and verify the cannabinoid profile and potency. Suppliers should provide third-party test results to show transparency and commitment to providing good quality, safe products.

Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)

If you’re considering making or selling CBD-infused cosmetic or skincare products in the UK, products will need to be registered with the CPNP. Manufacturers, importers and distributors can all submit a notification; thus, some products will already be registered.

UK GMP certified Facilities

When sourcing a CBD oil supplier, you should choose a Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility. Third-party institutions award this certificate and it proves that the facility has high health and safety standards. To obtain this certification, facilities need to adhere to high standards of food safety, workplace safety, and hazard analysis amongst other factors.

Other important characteristics that you should consider

Beyond the legally required certifications, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing a CBD supplier. These factors will impact the quality of the product that you’re purchasing and whether they’re right for your brand.

Organic CBD suppliers

Choosing a CBD supplier that uses organic ingredients in their products can often mean higher quality products for you and your customers. To ensure the products that you’re purchasing are entirely organic, suppliers should provide you with verified organic certification.

In addition to using only organic ingredients, many suppliers will also choose to cold press their oils. This process is more natural than others but it is more expensive as more hemp is needed to produce the oil.

Non-Genetically modified ingredients

When sourcing a CBD supplier, you should also consider genetically modified ingredients. If you prefer CBD oils produced without the use of GMOs, there are suppliers available that can provide this service.

Extraction methods

Across the UK and Europe, manufacturers use different extraction methods to produce their CBD oils. When you’re sourcing a CBD supplier, you should research the extraction processes used as they can impact the quality of oil and the cost of production.

Cold pressing extraction is one of the oldest methods used and one of the most natural methods because it doesn’t require additional chemical or heat. However, because more hemp crop is needed for this process, it can often be more expensive.

CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction are other popular methods of extraction, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Ethanol extraction is often a slower and more labour extensive process. In contrast, CO2 extraction is a more efficient and cleaner option.

Growing Location

Many CBD oil suppliers and manufacturers source hemp plants grown in Eastern Europe, Ireland or the US. When choosing your CBD supplier, you should choose one that has seed to sale traceability. This is important to ensure that the hemp plants were sourced from top tier farms.

Ideally, hemp should be sourced from highly regulated and regularly audited farms. This will prove that farmers provide optimum and safe conditions for the plants and workers. This is important to ensure top quality products for you and the end buyer.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD suppliers

CBD oil products can be made using full-spectrum, broad-spectrum extract or CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum extract contains a wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC), terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils. Broad-spectrum extract contains the same range of compounds as full-spectrum extract, except the THC compound has been removed.

CBD isolate, in contrast, is isolated CBD extract and contains no other cannabinoids or compounds.

Whether you’re choosing a full spectrum CBD supplier, broad-spectrum CBD supplier or CBD isolate supplier, you will need to consider which extract will work best for your brand, products, and your customers.

Experts believe that the presence of a range of naturally occurring compounds can yield more substantial effects for the consumer. This is known as the “entourage effect”.

CBD oil suppliers: Competitive pricing and value

As we have mentioned, the cost of production will depend on a wide variety of factors, including growing location and extraction methods, among others. When choosing a CBD supplier, you will need to consider how much capital you have to invest in products and how much you wish to retail your end products for.

Choosing to bulk buy CBD wholesale can be beneficial as it is more cost-effective, meaning higher profit margins for your business.

What kind of products will work best for your brand?

When choosing a CBD supplier, you will need to consider the end products that you wish to sell. There is an ever-growing demand for CBD-infused products, and they can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular forms of CBD are:

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Topicals and creams
  • Beverages
  • Capsules

There are different types of CBD extract and choosing the best one for your business will depend on the products that you wish to sell. Here we’ll discuss the most popular forms of CBD extract and how they can be used.

CBD isolate

As we know, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD as it has been separated from the rest of the hemp extract. This form is available in both crystalline white powder form and can have a potency of up to 99% CBD.

CBD isolate is versatile and can be used to create a range of highly concentrated CBD products. For example, 1 kg CBD isolate can be used to create approximately 2,000 units of 30 ml 500 mg CBD tinctures. Alternatively, you can create 49,000 drinks that contain 20 mg CBD per can. It is also suitable for cosmetics, CBD capsules, and e-liquids.

CBD distillate

This form of CBD can be used in a similar way to CBD isolate; however, it will contain, on average, 80% CBD. Terpenes and minor cannabinoids make up the remaining 20%. This is believed to help induce the “entourage effect”.

When choosing a CBD distillate supplier, you will need to decide whether you need a full spectrum or broad spectrum extract. The distillation process removes unwanted contaminants and purifies the CBD oil on a molecular level.

You can use full spectrum distillate to create tinctures, oils, edibles and e-liquids. You can use broad spectrum CBD distillate in the same way and it a good THC-free alternative. Customers will still benefit from the “entourage effect’ associated with full spectrum extracts but will not have to worry about the THC content.

Water-Soluble CBD

Many CBD suppliers now offer water-soluble CBD products. CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t mix with water. But modern technology can break down CBD molecules to the point where they will disperse efficiently in water and therefore give the illusion that they have dissolved.

Water-soluble CBD is an excellent option if you wish to create foodstuffs or beverages. It also offers a higher bioavailability rate than other forms of CBD. This means that the body absorbs it easily and quickly and consumers get more from their CBD products.


CBD is a lesser-known cannabinoid and occurs in smaller concentrations in the hemp plant. Because of this is can be more expensive than CBD. The compound is becoming increasingly popular, and you can use it to create products that support relaxation and sleep.

You can also use CBG to produce capsules, gummies, topicals, e-liquids, and tinctures. 1 kg of CBG will create approximately 980 units of 1000 mg CBG tinctures or oral sprays. Alternatively, 1 kg CBG will produce 3920 packs of 25 mg gummies (10 gummies per pack) or 1960 units of 500 mg e-liquid.

Where to find the best CBD suppliers in the UK?

There is a lot to consider when sourcing a CBD supplier for your business. Sieving through a seemingly endless list of potential suppliers can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be – The Extract is here to help.

The Extract has reviewed and researched CBD oil suppliers in the UK, and we have identified the bestsellers. We have also assessed CBD oil suppliers in Europe, and we compiled our list of trustworthy and reputable suppliers based on the abovementioned factors. Thus, we have built a database full of suppliers that hold all of the relevant certifications and offer premium quality products for cost-effective prices.

    The Extract CBD supplier wholesale programme

    Using our experience and knowledge of the CBD industry, we have worked hard to find the best CBD suppliers for budding businesses. We have created a database of the best CBD wholesalers in the UK. We have also worked hard to secure reduced pricing for followers of The Extract business news section.

    In addition, all of our recommended suppliers hold up-to-date COAs, third-party testing reports for their products and have novel foods applications in process. Our shortlist contains only CBD wholesalers that are the best in their niches.

    Whether you’re a start-up business or you’re looking to change suppliers, our expert team is here to help. Our team members have over 7 years of experience in the CBD industry in Canada and more than 4 years in the UK CBD market.

    White label CBD suppliers

    Did you know that The Extract also has a CBD white label programme too? We have used our industry knowledge to assess CBD white label programmes in the UK, and we have compiled a database of the best suppliers in their individual niches.

    Expert manufacturers produce white label CBD products, and you can attach your branding to them. You can then sell under your own company name. Our programme contains over 850 ready-to-sell products that you can choose from. This includes, but is not limited to, CBD oils, tinctures, coffee, tea, edibles, CBD vape juice, skincare, and pouches.

    Why choose white-label? Choosing CBD white label products means that you can leave the manufacturing process to experts with state-of-the-art production facilities. This means that you have more time to spend on growing your business.

    Buying bulk white label CBD products can also be extremely profitable for your business. This is especially true if you choose to work with The Extract white labelling programme as we negotiate exclusive discounts and best prices for our customers.

    What are the benefits of The Extract white label programme?

    Choosing white label CBD products means that you’re free to set your own pricing structure. You can save money by bulk buying products and strategically pricing products to undercut competitors – meaning more profit for your business.

    Availing of our CBD suppliers white label programme doesn’t just benefit your finances; it can also help bolster your CBD business. When you’re new to the CBD industry, or you’re extending your range or re-branding, we can help.

    We offer a range of bespoke packaging options for your products using a range of materials. Choose between jars, containers or bottles made from glass, bamboo or compostable packaging. Our outer packaging is also eco-friendly as we make it from aluminium, recycled glass, green sugar cane or bamboo.

    We also offer high-end luxury finish and childproof packaging options. We can even help you with the brand design as we collaborate with design companies with more than 3 years of experience working within the CBD industry.

    The Extract understands that every business has different needs, and we want to support companies of every size. That’s why we offer no minimum order quantities (MOQs) for tinctures, capsules and gummies. We offer a MOQ of 50 for CBD balms, and they are available in moisturising, cooling and heated varieties. Other skin care products are available at 250 units MOQ and our CBD pouches are available at 1000 units MOQ.

    We offer fast, reliable delivery services for our customers, and we are proud to say we have world-class customer service. We’re even happy to provide start-up companies with complimentary consultations to help them get their businesses up and running.

    Our range of white label CBD suppliers is extensive. Some of the most popular are:

    • CBD Gummies suppliers and other CBD edible suppliers: vegan and vegetarian options available
    • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly skincare
    • CBD tincture suppliers: providing non-flavoured and flavoured tinctures in various strengths
    • CBD drink suppliers: providing infused coffees, teas, and waters
    • Capsule suppliers
    • CBD pouch suppliers: providing infused oral pouches in various flavours
    • CBD vaping suppliers: providing e-liquids of various strengths and flavours

    Key takeaways

    Choosing a CBD supplier in Europe or the UK can be a lengthy process. There are many important factors to consider. Alternatively, you can avail of our extensive knowledge of the CBD industry, and you can benefit from our CBD wholesale programme. If you wish to discuss your wholesale business needs further, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

    If you think white labelling services might suit your business better, we’re more than happy to work alongside you to find the best products and options for your business. You contact our knowledgeable customer service team here.

    Let us do the hard work so you can spend more time growing your CBD business.

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