Jay-Z launches his own CBD and THC collection under The Parent Company

Billionaire music mogul Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) has recently been in the limelight after becoming yet another celebrity to get into the cannabis industry. The rapper has launched a range of CBD and THC wellness products, under The Parent Company, a California based cannabis company.

What is The Parent Company?

The Parent Company is a premium cannabis company founded in 2021. While a relatively new company, it is by no means an average startup, working with big names within a few months after its establishment. The Parent Company gives the public access to high-quality, affordable cannabis products and has quickly become an industry leader, thanks to its high profile partnerships and stellar portfolio which includes brands such as Jay-Z's Monogram.

“As part of The Parent Company's mission to provide access and entry points into cannabis, we knew that a wellness line that uses the combination of CBD and THC for more powerful effects would be attractive to consumers,” states Dennis O' Malley, COO of The Parent Company.

He went on to say that the new line of Well by Caliva products are of the highest quality as is to be expected from The Parent Company, yet at an affordable price.

Well by Caliva Product Line

The wellness line launched by Jay-Z falls under the ‘Well by Caliva' label and is made up of lotions and tinctures available in three different options:

  • Well Balanced
  • Well Rested
  • Well Relieved

Each category caters to a different need. Well Balanced is an option for someone looking for help with overall wellness, Well Rested is for someone who needs better sleep, and Well Relieved is for someone looking to manage pain. Data concerning why people use cannabis was used to create the line and cater to consumers' most vital needs, whether it be pain management or relaxation.

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Well by Caliva lotions

There are two options available for the lotions:

  • Muscle and joint lotion: A blend of CBD and THC, combined with cloves and frankincense
  • Head, neck and shoulder lotion: Combination of lavender essential oil and 300 mg of cannabinoids

Well by Caliva tinctures

The tinctures in the range come in 15 ml bottles of 30 doses each, and are available in different CBD to THC ratios:

  • Caliva's Well Balanced Tincture: 4:1 CBD:THC ratio
  • Caliva's Well Rested Tincture: 1:1 CBD:THC ratio
  • Caliva's Well Relieved Tincture: 20:1 CBD:THC ratio

Where can you get it?

Well by Caliva products are available on, on the Caliva app, or in-store.


The line was formulated to be accessible to everyone, especially people who have never used CBD before. It is fast-acting and caters to the different desires consumers have. More evidence that CBD is breaking barriers with its availability to many and growing in popularity worldwide. Private label CBD brands are reaching an all-time high with exponential growth, and it is set to keep going.

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