CBD for nausea in patients

How does CBD oil help relieve nausea?

CBD oil is known to reduce the effects of nausea and prevent vomiting. But how does the oil manage to do this? While there is still a need for further research on the effects of CBD oil, some studies have found a direct link between the endocannabinoid system — the human body’s natural system of neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors — and the brain-gut axis.

One of the ways in which this connection manifests is the reduced release of serotonin. When serotonin, often known as the happy hormone, is reduced in the body, it results in weaker contact with the vomiting controls in the brain.

Studies conducted on various research subjects have shown CBD oil’s potential antiemetic effects but there is still the need for further research in this area.

Can CBD help alleviate cancer-related nausea?

There have been studies conducted in this field to suggest that CBD oil can help alleviate cancer-related nausea. Whether it’s nausea caused by the ailment itself or from the side effects related to radiation and chemotherapy, there has been some evidence to suggest CBD oil may help alleviate the symptoms.

In a study conducted on 177 people experiencing cancer-related pain, the effects of CBD and THC were studied. The subjects who received both extracts of CBD and THC experienced greater pain relief than those who received only THC extracts. A similar study also found that CBD was able to reduce the effects of nausea and vomiting, the most common side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

CBD reducing Chemo related nausea

Another study, conducted on 16 subjects undergoing chemotherapy, found that a 1:1 combination of CBD and THC in a mouth spray form helped in reducing chemotherapy-related nausea. The cannabis treatment along with other modes of treatment seemed to show more effectiveness than standard treatment alone.

In fact, even other than alleviating symptoms of nausea, CBD may have potential anti-cancer properties. A test-tube study has found that concentrated CBD was able to trigger cancer cell death in human breast cells. In a nausea study conducted on mice, CBD was able to arrest the spread of aggressive breast cancer cells.

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Nausea induced by cancer and cancer-related treatments is one of the biggest stressors for a patient. It prevents people from eating and drinking what they want and, in turn, prevents them from maintaining a healthy weight. While most of the CBD treatments in cancer patients are in the trial stage if an effective formulation can be discovered it could change the nature of cancer treatment altogether.

What parts of the cannabis plant help reduce nausea

From the above description of CBD, it must be clear by now that CBD oil is the oil that has been extracted from this particular chemical compound found in cannabis plants. It is typically extracted from the stalks and stems of industrial hemp plants (to be sold as an over the counter product). The oil is diluted from the cannabis plant and then diluted with a carrier oil, usually coconut or hemp seed oil.

cbd nausea

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD explained, is a chemical compound that is found abundantly in the cannabis plant. It is a naturally occurring compound with many health benefits. The cannabis plant is beneficial in more than one way.

It has over 100 cannabinoids or chemical compounds that have unique characteristics and offer benefits to the health and recreation seekers. Another common cannabinoid you may have heard of is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component found in cannabis.

The main difference between CBD and THC will be explained in a later section but the main thing to know is that while THC is psychoactive and produces the feeling of being “high”, CBD provides similar benefits as THC without acting as a psychotropic.

cbd chemio sides effects

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

As has been mentioned above, CBD oil has several health benefits. The oil can be applied locally and in some forms, it can also be administered orally. It is often prescribed to individuals with anxiety and is considered safe for use even among pets and children, though the dosage differs. The following are some of the benefits CBD oil has to offer from muscle recover using CBD creams to pain relief:

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Pain relief from CBD

Cannabis has been used for pain relief for centuries. This is certainly not a new discovery, however, new research has found that CBD extracts, in particular, can be especially beneficial for pain relief.

It does this through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD can impact the endocannabinoid receptor activity, thereby reducing inflammation and chronic pain. Remember, the ECS is responsible for regulating several bodily impulses, including appetite, immune system responses, sleep, and pain.

Anxiety relief/De-stresser using CBD

In ways similar to how CBD treats pain by regulating endocannabinoid receptor activity, it can also reduce anxiety and stress. In fact, CBD can do this better than THC as it has no psychotropic properties and reduces the chances of increased anxiety from hallucinations. If you have a pet that helps reduce your anxiety you may find CBD have many benefits for pets also!

Heart Health

There are recent studies that suggest that CBD oil may have benefits of heart health because of its ability to keep blood pressure under control and reduce cholesterol using premium cbd. The anti-inflammatory and stress and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD has a great effect on keeping blood pressure down. So far it has shown benefits in diabetic mice with heart disease and shows great potential for use in human beings as well.


CBD has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It may help reduce acne by reducing sebum production in the skin. When the oily secretion due to sebum is reduced, it makes the skin a less conducive host for acne. The oil can be applied locally on the skin or can be ingested locally for skincare benefits.
cbd for body and mind

What are CBD oil’s side effects?

CBD has a few common side effects. They may not always manifest in everybody’s case but there are chances the oil does the opposite of its intended benefit.

The following are some of the known side effects of CBD oil:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite change
  • Mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

Can CBD Oil make you more nauseous instead?

There have been instances where taking CBD oil has made people even more nauseous than they were or has induced nausea in somebody who was not experiencing it in the first place. There can be many reasons for this as there is still research being conducted in this field and not all effects of CBD are yet known. But more often than not, nausea induced by CBD may be due to impurities in the production. Chances are that nausea is being induced by the materials that are used to deliver the oil to the body.

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The quality of the oil can be affected if the hemp or cannabis has been grown in poor quality soil. There could also be a problem with the carrier itself. As you know, the CBD extract is infused with oil which acts as a carrier. This could be hemp oil tinctures, olive oil or coconut oil. If you have a reaction to CBD oil, it could be a reaction to the carrier oil and not to the CBD itself.

If you are experiencing discomfort after using CBD oil, you may want to stop the supplement for a while to ascertain whether it is really the CBD or a different stressor that is causing nausea.

CBD helps stress, anxiety and nausea

CBD Oil dosage for nausea

As has been described above, CBD oil has several health benefits, relief from nausea being only one of the many. CBD oil can be administered in different ways. If you are using it for pain relief, it can be used locally on the required area. It can also be administered orally through CBD tinctures.

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The dosage of CBD oil to help,each of us will differ depending on who it is being administered to. If it is for children, the dosage will be different whereas for an adult it will certainly be different. While there is no standard dosage of CBD oil that applies in all cases, the following table is a safe measure to begin with, but you should certainly consult your physician for more information.

  • 11 mg (minimum) for a person who weighs less than 130 lbs
  • 18 mg (minimum) for a person who weighs between 130 to 230 lbs
  • 23 mg (minimum) for a person who weighs more than 230 lbs

If you want to administer the oil to a child, do not do so without consulting a doctor.

Key takeaways on  using CBD for Nausea

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound that can have several medical benefits including helping with anxiety, epilepsy and depression. The problem with this area of alternate medication is that not enough emphasis has been laid on research. There are many aspects of this natural treatment that can be explored, much to the benefit of humans.

However, there has traditionally been a sense of suspicion towards cannabis and its properties, which is why, perhaps, the research in this area is limited. CBD oil has shown benefits of nausea relief in several cases. If you are experiencing nausea for whatever reason and no other treatment seems to be working, CBD oil is a great option to consider.

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