Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide 3

The Christmas decorations going up, fairy lights are spreading from their usual homes in YouTuber’s bedrooms, and you’re madly dashing to get a Christmas tree and realising you’ve left it too late and having the person at the garden centre tell you “Maybe you should come earlier next year” (yeah, thanks for that advice). It can mean only one thing: it’s the beginning of December and everyone’s already sick of hearing Christmas songs.

To give you something more productive to think of. Something altruistic to focus on. And something to take your mind off how Mariah Carey is still being played, we have compiled a list of the best His, Her, Pets, and Stocking Filler gifts that the internet could muster. All the products in our Christmas guide are CBD or Hemp-centred, of course. They’re quality, they’re reasonably priced and they’re sure to elicit an excited “Ohh, what’s this?” on the day.


Christmas Gift Guide 4


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