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When tracking the movement of cannabis products, complete transparency is essential to each party involved, whether they be growers or users. Monitoring this transit can be a hassle, but luckily there is a way to simplify the process, thanks to Parsl.

Parsl is changing how the cannabis industry operates by simplifying the process of transmitting clear and accurate data to and from software and operator. Here’s everything you need to know about this impressive global startup.

Who are Parsl?

Parsl is a software company that is trying to help the cannabis industry move forward efficiently and to let legal operators be able to focus on applying the skills that they've got to produce superior products rather than worry about factors such as regulatory compliance and data sharing. In short, it is a global legal cannabis database that aims to improve communication within the cannabis sector.

What makes Parsl unique?

Parsl provide reliable and secure information at every stage of the supply chain and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance with seed-to-sale software and POS systems that integrate seamlessly and operate quickly and effectively.

The company puts particular emphasis on inventory management. “If we don't get inventory management right in our business, that's a problem,” says Parsl founder, Dr Isaac Balbin.

“What about when we’ve got inventory management from one business to another business? What about when we're going from one country to another country? We need to be able to demonstrate regulatory compliance across jurisdictions. If you're an operator, you only want to deal with one front end, and we actually want to help people trust each other more. If I want to, let's say, go buy the outcome of a crop, and I can see data of that crop growing and going through different phases, I’m going to have a much higher degree of trust and all the data I need is already there. So, we're just trying to help people shortcut a lot of the nonsense they've been fighting for all these years.”

Parsl The Extract

Parsl overview

Parsl is enabling key players in the industry to discover the full potential of the cannabis plant by removing obstacles surrounding data sharing and regulatory compliance. For more information, go to their website to see what they can do for you.

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