Company spotlight: Shogun Fertilisers

For hemp and marijuana plants to get off to a strong start, crop nutrition is essential. But not just any fertiliser can be used, it has to be the right formula that is safe to use on crops, and that will help plants thrive. Enter Shogun Fertilisers.

With superior plant growth innovation, Shogun Fertilisers take plants to the next level, supercharging growth and producing a premium crop.

Here’s everything you need to know about the famous brand and why they are the best fertiliser company in the business.

Who are Shogun Fertilisers?

Shogun Fertilisers are a UK company that provides high-quality products widely used across the hydroponics sector and CBD industry. Since their inception in 2014, they have become one of the leading nutrient brands and have gone from strength to strength, especially in the cannabis industry.

Manufactured by Aqualabs, their products contain special ingredients that are not present in other brands. Cutting-edge developments like SmartZen® and AquaZen® are unique to Shogun and offer growers obvious benefits that accelerate plant growth.

The most popular Shogun products include:

  • Zenzym
  • Start
  • Katana Roots
  • Samurai Hydro Grow
  • Sumo Boost
  • Samurai Hydro Bloom
  • Geisha
  • Dragon Force
  • Samurai Terragrow

The company has a top-notch Research & Development team, which is run by Dr Callie Seaman. Her ground-breaking innovations, which she has worked on for more than 20 years, have become the standard in the hydroponics sector.

shogun fertilisers the extract

What makes Shogun Fertilisers unique?

What makes Shogun Fertilisers stand out from the crowd is their superiority in terms of plant performance and reliability. Their products are incredibly stable, consistent and totally dependable, with a quality control process that uses third-party lab testing to ensure safety and consistent quality.

Shogun Fertilisers include Triacontanol, a natural plant growth regulator that considerably increases the plant's overall yield. Additionally, it improves CO2 absorption, which can help suppress plant stress.

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The formula also contains several natural compounds intended to promote growth, enhance yields, improve photosynthesis, increase water and nutrient absorption, and decrease sugar levels.

Shogun Fertilisers overview

Created through years of research and development, Shogun Fertilisers are not just another set of basic fertilisers. Shogun Fertilisers have created something special that will take your hemp crop to the next level. For more information, check out their website.

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