The remarkable benefits of CBD gummies

CBD does not get much more fun than CBD gummies. It certainly does not get more colourful.

This is why so many people are choosing CBD gummies instead of more conventional CBD products, such as tinctures and vapes. However, there must be more reasons why people are choosing gummies.

And there is! CBD gummies have so many benefits that make them such a tempting treat.

The subtlety of CBD gummies

CBD gummies are as subtle as CBD gets. It is disguised as a delicious candy and nobody needs to be the wiser. You can bring a packet of gummies with you anywhere, and you can treat yourself without the worry of questioning or curious eyes.

Oftentimes others become curious with tinctures. Vaping is not permitted in or frowned upon in indoor places. CBD gummies solve both these problems as no one is going to ask questions about you eating delicious sweets.

Delicious and not difficult to tolerate

Sometimes people find it difficult to choose a CBD option that suits them. This is because many newcomers may not be smokers or vapers and may feel hesitant to start vaping CBD.

Others may find it challenging to stomach CBD oil and tinctures. CBD tinctures have a distinct earthy and bitter taste that many find difficult to bear.

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CBD gummies can be a great alternative if you feel like edibles are for you. They are delicious and completely disguise the earthy taste that many find tough to swallow. It is just like treating yourself to one of your favourite childhood candies, however, with the added therapeutic benefits that CBD is known for.

Long-lasting benefits

CBD gummies, like most edibles, slowly release into your system and due to this last for longer. This is because the digestive system works slowly and gently releases nutrients into the bloodstream.

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Contrarily, vaping and smoking CBD quickly enter the bloodstream and have an effect fast. However, this has a downside, that the therapeutic effects don’t last as long.

One dose of CBD gummies can last between 4 – 8 hours. This is considerably longer than vaping CBD. The time depends on other factors such as your metabolism and how empty your stomach is. Even so, CBD gummies provide long-lasting effects to keep you satisfied for longer.

CBD gummies are non-intoxicating

You may be worried that if you start taking CBD gummies, you are going to feel high. This is not the case. Reputable brands selling CBD gummies in the UK contain minuscule amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the intoxicating compound found in cannabis. However, in the UK it is illegal to sell a packet of CBD gummies with more than 1 mg of THC. This is not near enough to get high.

So when buying reputable brands of CBD gummies such as Canndid gummies, then you can be sure you are buying gummies with little or no THC.

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This allows you to be confident that you can take your CBD without it affecting your day. You can take a CBD gummy first thing in the morning and head off and do a full day’s work.

Also, you can have a gummy and spend time with your family without anyone noticing. No high adds to the subtlety of the little CBD gummy.

Easy ready-made dose

Gummy bears are one of the simplest ways to accurately dose yourself. If a CBD gummy bear has 10 mg of CBD and you want a 30 mg dose, then you indulge and have three gummies as a treat.

CBD gummies can be much easier than using tinctures and a dropper. Sometimes you may accidentally drop more than you wished for. Using an oil can also get a little messy if you are not careful. CBD gummies potency is all measured out for you, so all you have to do is pick up and chew. No mess and no hassle!

Perhaps the hardest part about CBD gummies is having the willpower to not eat the entire packet. This would be a waste of precious gummies. So when you take your dose put them away, so that you have more the next time you need them.

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The health benefits of the CBD gummies

Now that you know some of the reasons that make CBD gummies special in the CBD world, it is now time to find out what are the potential health benefits.

In general, CBD has been growing in popularity for health reasons. People are awakening and finding out that CBD can help bring about a more healthy life.

Gummies and pain management

CBD is being used by many to manage all types of pains and aches. Gummy bears can help with pain relief as it suppresses firing pain receptors which are active in the brain.

CBD can be an alternative way to manage pain rather than using opioids or paracetamols which can damage your liver.

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Although CBD may not give total relief, it can help many people manage their pain and live happier lives. Whether you are an athlete with muscle soreness, a person suffering from arthritis pains, or a person struggling with other everyday aches, CBD gummies can help you relieve yourself of those pains.

Lower your blood pressure with a sweet CBD treat

In the modern world, high blood pressure is a common issue due to our more sedentary lives and the availability of processed foods. High blood pressure can be detrimental to some people’s lives. When it is high, we are increasingly likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke.

The sweet-tasting CBD gummy could be a surprising confidant helping you lower your blood pressure. Research has shown that CBD can help lower blood pressure. Although more research is needed, it is possible that CBD could bring change to the lifestyle of people who struggle with high blood pressure.

CBD gummies could possibly reduce seizures

Epilepsy and seizures are debilitating for patients and their families. It can be difficult to hold down a job and you are at constant risk of really injuring yourself each time a seizure occurs.

Convincing evidence continues to grow and shows CBD consumption as a way of helping epilepsy patients. CBD is argued to improve seizure control in patients and also reduce the number of seizures a patient may have.

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Although it is still early days, the evidence looks hopeful for epileptic patients. Gummies could be an option for you if your general practitioner advises them.

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CBD gummies for your mental health

CBD is being used by many to help with the two most common mental health problems of our time: anxiety and depression.

One study argues CBD is a promising compound to use for numerous anxiety disorders. Although more research is needed to see if CBD may help treat severe anxiety, it could still be effective for mild anxiety. A CBD gummy bear could, at least, settle your nerves or reduce your stress levels slightly so you can be more in the present moment.

Depression is another mental health problem which CBD is used to relieve. CBD is certainly not the answer to severe mental illness including depression. However, like with mild anxiety, CBD can help patients who notice drops in their mood. Or for others who find it hard to feel content or happy.

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CBD promotes serotonin production in the brain so that people can feel a lift in their mood after using it.

CBD gummies are worth a try if you struggle with stress or find yourself in a low mood. However, if you suffer from a severe anxiety disorder or depression, we recommend you talk to your doctor, or better yet your psychologist, to get the help you need.

A CBD gummy bear to comfort you to sleep

Just before bed may not seem to be the best time to eat sweets. However, a little bit of candy is no worse than staring at your phone screen. Anyhow, CBD gummies can help facilitate sleep.

CBD can help reduce stress and thus our minds may stop racing as we try to get some shut-eye. With a more relaxed brain and body, perhaps we can doze off faster and we can get the 8-hours of sleep we deserve.


CBD gummies are a unique and fun way to administer CBD into your life. Like all CBD products, CBD gummies have the potential to help with numerous health issues. However, on top of all that, they bring a colourful twist into the CBD market which many people find all too appealing.

If you are considering buying CBD gummies, you should make sure you buy a reputable brand. There is no place better to buy you gummies than CBD Village, where all the best UK CBD products can be found in one place.

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