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First cannabis restaurant ever to open in the US

Mark the date Sept 1 the first-of-its-kind cannabis cafe will open in West Hollywood. Brought to you by Lowell Herb co, a Californian organic cannabis farm well known in LA for its pre-rolled joints aim to feature a full menu of fresh, cannabis-infused seasonal dishes including sandwiches, salads, comfort foods, and infused beverage options.

It’s going to be called Lowel Farms : A Cannabis Cafe. The West Hollywood Business License Commission approved its application unanimously, and the license is valid for one year.“We are excited to set the example, one we do not take lightly,” said the cafe's Head Chef Andrea Drummer.

Fostering educational and responsible consumption

Drummer believes that she and her team can show how cannabis can be “responsibly integrated into society.”

Lowell Farms

“It is a historic moment not only for cannabis, but the country as a whole,” Drummer said.

“We are proud to bring the first-ever cannabis restaurant to the United States, and it's gratifying to open a space that will foster responsible consumption.”

Hollywood celebrity connections

Drummer is a longtime marijuana advocate and has worked as a private chef for Miguel, Wiz Khalifa, and Chelsea Handler. She's also the author of “Cannabis Cuisine: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana” and has appeared on Netflix's “Cooking on High” and “Chelsea On!”

lowells-tiles-cannabis cafe

Drummer has a queue of celebrity fans eager to support her in this venture. The cafe's menu was made by Drummer and will include cannabidiol (CBD)- and THC-infused food items and vegetarian options.

‘Flower’ table-side

The restaurant will offer “Tableside Flower Service.” Guests will be offered different Lowell Herb Co. strains by a “Flower Host” who can explain the weed's specific effects and flavour profiles and ready-rolled joints for the table. Bongs and dabs will also be available.

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A safe grown-up space where cannabis can be consumed without stigma

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis heidis Cafe has been four years in the making, Drummer said.
“As pioneers of ending cannabis prohibition, we are devoted to the treatment of cannabis in the same light as alcohol. The first step was making it for sale, and now it is to give the public access to a safe, communal space where cannabis can be consumed without stigma.” Lowell cafe is set to become a one of a kind cannabis destination.

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