Are Elevar Hemp’s CBD oral strips your new favourite product?

Inspired by the science behind CBD, Elevar Hemp has come up with a groundbreaking new way to take CBD. Their Elevar Leafs – or CBD oral strips – contain 25 mg of CBD each. They also come in three enticing flavours: Fresh Mint, Berry Mint, and Lavender.

With such a novel product, it's clear that CBD enthusiasts will be queuing up to get their hands on a pack or two. Its sleek packaging, appealing flavour profiles, and accurate dosage appeal to CBD enthusiasts the world over. Plus, it's incredibly discreet and easy to use.

However, five strips cost €12.50 – a relatively high price point for a single-use product. With this in mind, are these CBD oral strips really worth the hype and the cost? At The Extract, we want to tell you all about this inimitable CBD consumption method in our comprehensive product review.

Who is Elevar CBD?

The brains behind these CBD oral strips, Elevar CBD is nothing if not innovative. The company is inspired by the science behind cannabidiol, and it shows. Elevar CBD understands that the CBD industry is a growing, ever-changing one.

Therefore, it wanted to come up with something different – a product that would, literally and figuratively, remain on the tips of our tongues. Therefore, the Elevar Leafs were born. These CBD oral strips are a departure from other CBD products – tinctures, oils, and capsules.

This option offers the best of all worlds: quick-acting CBD in exact doses, in delectable flavour profiles. Having worked with industry experts and professionals, Elevar CBD was able to bring this vision to life. The company has done the groundwork, lab-testing their products and conducting user studies.

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Each aspect of its Elevar Leafs is carefully planned and executed to perfection. Before packaging products for consumer use, an in-house product development team tests each product. This helps certify its efficacy, as well as its quality levels.

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Businesses in the CBD industry strive for transparency while meeting differing legal guidelines the world over. Elevar CBD's approach is the perfect example of how streamlined this process can be; the use of broad-spectrum CBD circumvents lawbreaking THC levels. Its rigorous testing process also ensures that products are safe to use – and an acclaimed level of integrity from the business itself.

Based on its business acumen and innovative approach, it's clear that Elevar CBD is one to watch in the industry. Could these CBD oral strips revolutionise the CBD industry with its clean, minimalist packaging and unique use?

Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips: our first impression

These CBD strips come in sleek, paper packaging. It's fairly discreet, fitting comfortably into a purse or pocket, and contains five individual oral strips. Each CBD strip is individually packaged, and would neatly fit into a wallet.

The black, all-paper packaging promises, “the elevated CBD experience”. Based on first impressions, it certainly meets expectations. Each flavour is defined by different colours – an appealing blue for Berry Mint, purple for Lavender, and mint green for Fresh Mint.

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At first glance, the packaging would appeal to a selection of individuals – from a young professional to an eco-friendly sustainability enthusiast. The plastic-free packaging appears completely recyclable, and the foil oral strip packets can be slipped into a nearby bin fairly covertly.

All told, it really is the perfect option for someone who wants a quick, discreet dose of CBD, without the hassle of a dropper or a vape pen.

Elevar Leafs unwrapped

Unfolded, the packaging opens up to unveil your five strips. The packaging also contains succinct product information – its ingredients, how much CBD it contains (25 mg per strip, for the curious), and a few words on how to use it.

While this might sound intimidating to some, CBD oral strips are fairly straightforward. It's all in the name, after all. The packaging recommends putting a strip on your tongue and letting it dissolve. By doing this, users will absorb the CBD sublingually, via their mucosal membranes.

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The sublingual method might not be a new one. However, by swapping CBD oil for oral strips, Elevar CBD has put a new twist on a traditional method. Made to dissolve, these oral strips could absorb far more quickly than alternative methods, making them more effective on top of their other benefits.

These CBD oral strips are thin, smelling strongly of whichever flavour you opt for. Their opaque, paper-thin form fits easily onto your tongue – or under it. This leaves you to carry on with your day, allowing the strips to dissolve in their own time.

In a world of bulky CBD dip pouches and bitter CBD tinctures, the Elevar Leafs puts a welcome spin on sublingual CBD products. But how do they feel, and more importantly – how do they taste?

What do these CBD oral strips taste and feel like?

Earlier, we mentioned that Elevar Leafs come in three different flavours. Each flavour has its own distinct profile. However, we should mention that each flavour is quite pleasant in its own way.

As with every CBD product, we understand that it comes down to personal preferences. However, in this review, we decided to rank the flavours – starting with our favourite one. The three flavours are:

  • Berry Mint: This flavour strongly smells like mixed berries, bringing back memories of juicy bubblegum. The mint notes are far more subtle, but offer a refreshing zing throughout the process. These oral strips are extremely pleasant and sweet!
  • Fresh Mint: It's hard to go wrong with mint. These mint-flavoured Elevar Leafs are a welcome way to take your CBD. The piquant mint flavour and the natural sweetness make for a hard-to-beat combination.
  • Lavender: Floral flavours can be a little hit-or-miss for us. While these CBD oral strips smell phenomenal – huge lavender notes with spicy undertones – the flavour can be a little overwhelming. When placed on the tongue, it's definitely an experience for the senses. However, it can also be slightly too intense.
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Despite their difference in flavour, each strip largely operates in the same way. After it comes into contact with your tongue, or a surface in your mouth, the strip dissolves in record time. This, therefore, makes for an incredibly fast, effective way to use CBD.

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Instructions indicate that users should place the strip either on the tongue or under it. We found that by placing it under the tongue, we were less conscious of its presence. Doing this also allowed us to continue with our tasks without any stilted, awkward speech.

The strips dissolve fairly quickly on their own; there's no need to swallow them. While many CBD oils recommend swallowing the excess after sublingual use, this was not the case here. In fact, there was no excess product; just a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

Are Elevar Leafs worth trying?

In our opinion, yes – Elevar Leafs are completely worth trying. They're an effective way to get a dose of CBD. Plus, with each oral strip containing 25 mg of CBD, users know exactly how much CBD they're consuming.

These CBD oral strips are discreet, too. Simply place one in your mouth, and let it do its job. This truly is an innovative CBD option from Elevar Leafs; it's unique, tasty, and dissolves within moments.

For an exact dose of CBD in a form that tastes great, why not try the Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips?

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