Hemp protein powder 3x more protein than chicken, beef or pork

The Extract caught up with Amberstalk CEO Kirck Allen, who co-founded the company Amberstalk in 2017 with the goal of producing sustainably sourced hemp products that were both healthy and environmentally friendly.

Hemp Protein Powder
Hemp Protein Powder: A Complete Guide to a Complete Protein

Amberstalk’s line of hemp-based food products includes a cold-pressed extra virgin hemp seed oil, made from sustainably sourced EU hemp, as well as vegan-friendly hemp protein which offers a whopping 63% of protein per serving – roughly three times the amount of protein in a 100g serving of beef, pork or chicken.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Amberstalk brand, with the company currently working on moving their production to the UK to combat ‘unsustainable' CO2 emissions created through importing goods from Europe.

“At the moment we source our products in Europe, but this year we’re actually collaborating with a farmer up in Chipping Norton where we plan to produce these products homegrown here in the UK,” said Allen.

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