What is CBD coffee? How many drops of CBD oil in coffee can be mixed?

CBD coffee is one of the newest trends to hit the market nowadays. Most people usually start their mornings with a strong cup of coffee to energise them for the day. Of late, health-conscious people are adding CBD to coffee to reap the benefits of a unique brew. However, for many unacquainted with this new trend, the questions remain: What is CBD Coffee? How many drops of CBD oil in coffee can be mixed?

Let’s go ahead and answer these as well as questions related to potential health benefits CBD and coffee in detail below.

What is CBD coffee?

‘CBD-infused coffee’ and ‘CBD coffee’ are some of the general terms used for coffee that has CBD added to it. CBD can be added to any type of coffee; be it a roast, a cold brew, an espresso, or a latte.

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There are two ways that CBD coffee can be made. One way is that CBD oil can be added to a freshly prepared cup of coffee. Another way is that people can buy pre-infused CBD coffee grounds. Many companies nowadays are offering this innovative coffee product. In CBD infused coffee, CBD is mixed beforehand in the coffee beans during the roasting process. You simply use them to make a cup of CBD coffee.

Can you put CBD oil in coffee?

Yes, you can easily put CBD oil in coffee. CBD oil is a versatile ingredient and can be added to many beverages, coffee being one of them. Adding CBD oil to coffee is actually a very convenient way of consuming CBD and comes with many benefits. It is a discreet method to ingest CBD anytime. You can easily carry it in your bag or purse anywhere. Moreover, using CBD oil in coffee allows you to control your daily CBD dosage.

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The only thing to be mindful of when adding CBD oil to coffee is not to do it in a paper cup. Paper cups may absorb the CBD oil before you get the chance to consume it.

Besides its antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits, people mostly drink coffee to benefit from caffeine. It is the active ingredient in coffee which makes you feel alert and focused. However, it might also make you feel anxious and increase your heart rate and give you the infamous coffee jitters.

CBD oil can help counter these effects. This is the main reason it is added to coffee. CBD oil is known for its calming and anxiety-reducing properties. When mixed with coffee, it provides a perfect balance between the two. You feel mellow yet alert and focused.

How many drops of CBD oil in coffee can be mixed?

The number of CBD oil drops in your coffee depends on your own personal preferences. It also depends on the strength of your CBD oil and your reasons for taking it. Generally, the recommended dose is 5-15 mg of CBD per cup. Anecdotal evidence from regular CBD coffee drinkers suggests the following preferred combinations and dosages:

  • 5-7.5 mg is a preferred dose for weekday mornings. This is because consuming CBD in small quantities has been found to have an invigorating effect. This makes it a perfect complement to a cup of a strong coffee, as it is still potent enough to overcome the unwanted coffee jitters.
  •  10-15 mg is preferred for a really soothing cup of coffee. Ideal brew for a lazy weekend.

How to make CBD coffee?

There are two common ways you can make CBD coffee. The first is by putting CBD oil in coffee after you make it. The second is by using CBD infused coffee beans. Let’s have a detailed look at both below:

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1. Adding CBD oil in coffee:

To make CBD coffee this way, follow these common steps:

  • Add 6 oz of freshwater or spring water to your coffeemaker. This is better for the taste than distilled water.
  •  Decide on the amount of coffee and CBD you want. Usually, 2 teaspoons of coffee along with 5 mg of CBD are enough for a 6-ounce cup of coffee. However, feel free to adjust this to your liking.
  • Add the coffee to the coffee maker and brew your coffee. You can also add milk and syrups depending on your taste.
  • Now that your coffee is prepared, add a few drops of CBD oil to it according to your preferred dosage. Mix the coffee with a spoon or a frother to combine all the ingredients well.
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2. Using CBD-infused coffee beans:

To make CBD coffee this way, follow these common steps:

  • Add around 10-15 g of ground CBD coffee to your cafetiere or French press.
  •  Measure and add boiling water (around 6-ounces)
  •  Stir and wait around 2-3 minutes
  • In the last step, gently push the plunger/ strainer down and pour yourself a cup of hot CBD coffee.

CBD – Infused Coffee

Both Coffee and CBD have their own set of benefits individually. When combined, they can act as a powerhouse of health support, according to anecdotal evidence from people who consume CBD coffee regularly.

CBD is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties. Coffee is rich in antioxidants too. A cup of CBD coffee in the morning can therefore help with managing chronic pain and assist in muscle recovery from a strenuous workout.

The infusion of CBD in coffee makes a perfect between CBD and caffeine. You not only reap the benefits of Vitamins B1, B2 and Vitamin D, omega-3 and omega 6- fatty acids, you also feel much calmer and focused. CBD oil successfully counteracts the side effects of caffeine such as jitteriness, muscle cramps and increased anxiety.

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Moreover, CBD works well in tandem with the caffeine in coffee. When combined, they both increase the duration of the effects of one another. This is beneficial for CBD coffee consumers as they feel heightened levels of calm productivity and alertness for longer periods of time.

Another point to note is that since CBD has no addictive or psychoactive qualities, CBD coffee is non-addictive and will not get you ‘high’.

However, like all good things, CBD coffee should be consumed in moderation. To experience the benefits of CBD coffee discussed above, no more than 2 cups of CBD infused coffee should be taken in a day.

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Key Takeaways

CBD coffee in the UK is gaining popularity fast. Many cafés are offering a variety of CBD infused coffees, ranging from cold brews to espressos and lattes. CBD oil and coffee work well together. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when combined, they both offer a host of health benefits such as reducing anxiety and enhancing mental alertness.

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