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Cannabis could soon be used to treat vision loss

Two new cannabis-based drugs could soon be licensed to treat vision loss and pain management.

Pharmaceutical company Emerald Bioscience Inc. has paired up with the cannabis research program at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy to develop two innovative new drugs using synthetic cannabinoids.

One of the drugs has been formulated using a synthetic form of THC to reduce the chances of people becoming blind from glaucoma and other eye diseases. Along with Emerald Bioscience, UM researchers developed a medicated eye drop that can be absorbed swiftly through the eye tissues.

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The second will use a synthetic CBD analogue to provide a non-addictive pain management alternative to opioids.

“These molecules are some of the most promising cannabinoid-based therapies anywhere in the world,” said Brian Murphy, CEO of Emerald Bioscience.

“We will be able to use these derivatives of natural cannabinoids to further develop our programme based on the precept of precision medicine: drugs that can be delivered to a target tissue in the correct dose, in a formulation that best balances safety and efficacy.”

However, this process is still in its early stages. The two drugs will have to successfully complete a series of clinical trials before they may be available to the public.

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