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UK’s first virtual cannabis rally

The annual 4/20 cannabis rally in Hyde Park has gone virtual this year due to social distancing restrictions for cannabis based events and conventions.

On Monday 20th April 2020, The High Club (THC), London Canna Group, and Volteface will showcase the UK’s first virtual 4/20 event. It will be live-streamed at 15:45 on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Marwan Elgamal, the lead organiser of 4/20 said, “This year's annual 420 Hyde Park rally in London is going online.

“We are broadcasting a digital version of this year’s programme to the thousands who usually turn up to the live event. Our aim is to continue to give the cannabis movement a platform to campaign on and spark online activism.”

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Polling by YouGov has shown that more than half of the UK population is in favour of cannabis legalisation. This is reflected in the range of politicians who have campaigned for cannabis law reform who will be on the bill.

These include former health minister Sir Norman Lamb and Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita alongside Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, Labour MP Jeff Smith, Conservative GLA Member Andrew Boff and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

The virtual event hopes to inspire and inform viewers on how to become online activists. It will also serve as a platform to bring a new petition to Parliament. This petition has the specific aim to “Make the cultivation, production, sale and use of cannabis legal for adults.”

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