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Love Hemp Group PLC announces sponsorship agreement with UFC

One of the UK’s leading CBD and hemp product suppliers has announced an exciting new multi-million-dollar global partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The sponsorship agreement between the UFC and Love Hemp Group PLC will begin on 1 June 2021 and will run over the course of the following five years.

The UFC is revered by over 625 million fans worldwide. It is considered to be the leading mixed martial arts organisation in the world. The organisation broadcasts to over 900 million households, in more than 170 countries and territories; making them the largest global pay-per-view provider.

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Not only is the UFC responsible for hosting more than 40 live events annually, but their subscription service also delivers live events, fights on-demand and exclusive members-only content.

What does a partnership with a global entertainment giant mean for Love Hemp?

This exclusive agreement will grant Love Hemp access to both the UFC’s physical and digital assets. It will also consist of a number of marketing and sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, Love Hemp have permission to use UFC logos and brand trademarks.

Because of the UFC’s global presence, directors of Love Hemp believe that the partnership will boost the visibility of their brand to new heights. Love Hemp products will visible to a new and larger audience. Therefore, the brand will start gaining global recognition as a company.

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The UFC Performance Institute is a leader in athletic performance research despite only opening its doors in 2017. The Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts institute is the first of its kind. It primarily focuses on training, research and innovation across multiple disciplines.

Since its launch, the Institute has been responsible for providing educational services and support to over 500 athletes. They particularly focus on education surrounding health, nutrition, well-being, and injury prevention.

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Tony Calamita, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Love Hemp, believes that the partnership will help to solidify the reputation of the company as a globally recognised brand.

Calamita commented: “This is a very exciting accomplishment for our company… We intend to use the UFC’s global research to position Love Hemp as a trusted, premium CBD brand.”

What does the future look like for Love Hemp Group PLC?

Love Hemp currently stocks more than 40 product lines which include tinctures, oils and sprays. Calamita states that these Love Hemp products will be available to a new, global market.

Directors believe that working alongside the UFC, the word’s premier mixed martial arts organisation, will help to place Love Hemp in the top tier of globally recognised CBD brands.

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