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Sir Patrick Stewart demands cannabis legalisation

Star of stage and screen, Sir Patrick Stewart, known to millions as Professor X or the greatest Star Trek Captain ever, has called on the British government to lift its rigid restrictions on cannabis.

Sir Stewart has been using medicinal cannabis to treat the arthritis he suffers from in his hands. His enthusiasm for the plant is born out of belief in its properties.

Speaking to the Daily Express Stewart stated, “I have arthritis and hope CBD can help in both my hands and thumb joints and have been prescribed various drugs, including a cream which didn’t do much. The moment I started using cannabis-based cream it worked and I could feel an immediate reduction in discomfort.”

“It meant I could grip my hands and hook my thumb around the steering wheel of a car again. I also take a chewy (cannabis pill) at bedtime and this has really helped, too. People think I must be getting high all the time. Nothing is further from the truth.”

Many people in the United Kingdom suffer from similar conditions to Stewart yet are unable to gain access to the medications. Since 2018, when medicinal cannabis was legalised, there have been shockingly few prescriptions given by the NHS.

Recently, however, a poll suggested that one in three physicians would be willing to prescribe cannabis in favour over harmful, and addiction causing opioid-based medications such as fentanyl and hydromorphone.

“The current system means that cannabis can only be prescribed in the UK almost exclusively for extreme cases such as life-threatening epilepsy,” Stewart said.

“But when it is not life-threatening, like my hands, I see no reason why the legislation is not widened out to allow doctors to prescribe it.”

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