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UK students hospitalised after eating Christmas cannabis cakes

Six teenage students were admitted to hospital following the consumption of end-of-term celebratory cakes that contained cannabis.

The students, all aged 14, from Denefield school in Reading were given the CBD infused cakes by one of their classmates but soon began to feel ill.

They were initially taken to the school’s infirmary to be treated by first aid staff but upon inspection, the decision was made that hospitalisation was needed.

West Berkshire Council spokesman Martin Dunscombe said: “A small number of students were admitted to hospital as a precaution.”

Cannabis high in the intoxicating THC is known to bring about euphoric effects when smoked but when ingested the effects are even further amplified and last a lot longer.

It is believed that the students have since been released from the hospital and that disciplinary measures await them on their return to school.

The pupil responsible for bringing the cakes into the school has now been expelled and an investigation is underway to ascertain if others are to blame.

Mr Dunscombe says that the school takes drugs very seriously and following the incident, the school’s headteacher issued a warning to all students on the dangers of drugs to teenagers and that anyone found in possession will face immediate expulsion.

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