The cannabis world meets in Switzerland

Day one of CannaTrade: 17th-19th May 2019

The Extract team are in Zurich bringing you ‘live’, straight from the source CBD news, updates and insider industry knowledge.

Exclusive – Speakers Corner

Day one has focused on the CBD Business-to-Business sector, with talks on the way CBD is finding its way in the world, with Switzerland leading the way.

Today’s session in Zurich revolved around business and politics. Opening forums featured discussion and debate around the industry’s major import market, Germany, and the exporting nations set to benefit from that trade. In addition to this, delegates heard about the place of women in the industry and eco-friendly crop cultivation.

Business Visitor at cannatrade
The opening session saw Florian Rister from Deutsche Hanfverband (the inter-trade organisation of the German Cannabis Industry) open with a question: Which country will be the next great exporter of medicinal cannabis to Germany – Colombia, Israel, Switzerland?

Rister, who speaks on this subject regularly, attempted to answer that question by looking at the geographical output of cannabis.  Germany is, in fact, the biggest import market for cannabis worldwide so the matter of where it will import its medicinal cannabis from has consequences.

Later in the afternoon, the spotlight shifted to the place of women in the industry, something that had been positively reported recently on Extract.

Women in Cannabusiness

Women speaking at Cannatrade

“There is a lack of women in the CBD and Cannabis industry because of how the industry as a whole is portrayed. The stoner male, the businessmen, the groups of male investorsCannaTrade – Zurich Friday 2019

Diversity is lacking in the green space but is it getting better? The consensus from the discussion?  As the industry grows the gender gap widens in leadership.

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The panel discussed how they face and overcome these obstacles, sharing personal journeys and offering ways to mitigate challenges.

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Panel leader Julie Fry from LERN suffered from severe anorexia due to family trauma, and told The Extract that “Cannabis saved my life”.

Look forward next week to an exclusive with Ronel Baumgartner (co-founder Nurture Delight, Social Media Manager: LERN) and Julie P. Fry (co-founder of LERN) on their cannabusiness journey for The Extract.

Ecological CBD Production – have you considered it?

Organic is the future” was the main takeaway from this insightful talk and certificates are the most important thing for CBD companies to have in their possession – that’s according to headline speaker Ruben Moreno.

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Moreno, an engineer for Biobizz Worldwide & researcher at the University of Agriculture in Barcelona advocates the development of industrial hemp cultivation and its myriad of uses.

Ecological CBD speech

Biobizz presented different technical studies to show how to produce ecological CBD. This segment looked at the relationship between the creation of CBD, fertilization and crop methods – taking into account the relation between fertilization and terpenes.

A Business-to-Business after-hours session was also scheduled for Friday evening.

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Come with us to CannaTrade this weekend by checking in routinely for pics, videos, policy discussions, leadership viewpoints, and technical CBD know-how from how CBD helps diabetes to how to raise 5M investments.

Learn, get challenged and see other perspectives with The Extract.

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