Meet the world’s top white label suppliers at the White Label World Expo Frankfurt 2021

The White Label World Expo Europe 2021 is being held at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany from Wednesday, 13th October from 10 am- 5 pm to Thursday, 14th October from 10 am- 4 pm. It is organised by the PRYSM Group and is the world’s largest award-winning event for professional online sellers to interact with 350 white-label goods suppliers.

What is the Expo about?  

This is truly an incredible and one-of-a-kind opportunity to come face to face with the world’s top white-label suppliers to try and test a variety of products. Every year, the Expo welcomes a huge number of participants from all around the world and this year is no different. Around 8000 visitors ranging from online sellers to online e-commerce business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up owners will come together under one roof. This will be a unique opportunity for pioneers and beginners alike to meet with suppliers and gain invaluable advice and guidance from industry leaders. 

You will have the chance to benefit from free advice and consultations with thousands of leading online sellers for collaboration and sharing the latest thoughts and ideas. This will undoubtedly help you secure the best deals in the market and take your business to the next level.

The White Label World Expo is free to attend and specifically designed to help you stay abreast of the hottest new white label products entering the market. This is an unmissable opportunity for a successful company to expand its product offerings and meet face to face with interested white-label suppliers. Besides being a great networking platform for established companies, this Expo also offers a unique opportunity for budding new participants looking for a forum to launch their products and seeking suppliers to leverage their selling.

Top reasons why you should attend the White Label World Expo Frankfurt

There is no other event like this that places thousands of online sellers, buyers, and suppliers from around the world under one roof. You, along with all other attendees will leave inspired and ready to expand your business with a new outlook. Take a look below at all the exciting opportunities this event holds for you:

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1. A chance to interact and learn from Key CBD Exhibitors

These include: 

  • Ilesol Pharmaceuticals

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals are a leading industrial-scale producer of full-spectrum CBD products. Their main business focus is on B2B bulk sales of an extensive line of CBD products, with CBD obtained from Croatian-grown hemp. Ilesol Pharmaceuticals offer excellent white label services that enable their customers to buy premium whole CBD products directly from the manufacturer. They specialise in providing high purity isolated cannabinoids and THC free full-spectrum CBD oil of any strength.

 If you are a start-up CBD company or an already established business looking to diversify its product range, you cannot afford to miss their stand! You can have a golden opportunity to fulfil all your large white label contracts with them and expand your CBD product portfolio. 

  • Xtract

Xtract is a leading producer of CBD, terpenes as well as rare cannabinoids of the finest quality. They are constantly expanding their range, and also offer wholesale opportunities to their customers. Make it a point to stop by their stand to get the latest information on the finest CBD products.

  • Cannmed

Cannmed is a UK CBD wholesale and white label company. They have a wide range of white label CBD products which include tinctures, edibles such as capsules and gummies as well as CBD tea and coffee. They also have a full beauty line of creams, toners, cleansers, and balms. Moreover, over 90% of their products are made from natural ingredients and are vegan and cruelty-free. Cannmed also offers multiple sustainable packaging options. If you are looking to expand your CBD products range or looking to inquire about new packaging options, you can’t afford to miss Cannmed’s stand. 

  • Deep Nature Project GMBH

Deep Nature Project GMBH is a prominent European manufacturer of organic hemp products with headquarters in Austria. They produce CBD oils and capsules as food supplements, as well as cosmetics, hemp food and animal feed supplements. All are in line with the EU regulations of less than 0.2%THC content. Deep Nature Project GMBH have a vast portfolio of different product brands and are represented by more than 250 European distribution partners and online in 27 European countries. Besides their branded products, they also sell organic certified raw materials to the industry in bulk.

If you are on the lookout to expand your CBD business’ reach into new markets or looking to venture into a new CBD products range, you must make it a point to stop by Deep Nature Project GMBH’s stand.  

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2. Notable Keynote Speakers

Keynote sessions from the industry’s leading figures will cover everything from the latest trends driving the industry to useful tips to building your brand online. The following are the Key CBD Speakers:

  • Adriaan de Kroo

If you want to hear a truly inspirational story of someone who made it big in the CBD industry, you cannot afford to miss Adriaan de Kroo’s keynote address. Starting at the very bottom of a non-existent CBD industry back in 2013 and found his own CBD consultancy in 2014. He has made his mark in the industry founding his own company, CBD Oil Europe in 2018. From doing sales for start-ups to now directing the multinational production and trading affairs of his company, Adriaan has had quite the journey.

His company-CBD Oil Europe- is a white and private label CBD specialist company. Adriaan himself has represented some of the most prominent CBD producers and traders at more than 35 trade shows. He truly has a wealth of knowledge in everything CBD related, having helped start-ups with sales and information on the industry.

In his keynote address, Adriaan will share his expertise and thoughts on the topic ‘CBD: the 3 most important factors for start-up success’. He will give an overview of how the EU CBD business has progressed in the last seven years. He will also shed light on the legal implications of Novel Food and CPP, as well as highlighting some of the biggest upcoming opportunities in the growing CBD market. 

  • Paul Walsh

The Original Dreamer and Co-Founder of Greenheart CBD Ltd, Paul is currently one of Ireland’s top thought leaders in technology innovation and sustainability. He is also an adviser on multiple Blockchain projects. His keynote speech, in fact, focuses on ‘Circular Economies in Blockchain’. With a wealth of knowledge garnered from community volunteerism and having a wide network of leaders in the crypto and sustainable industries, Paul is well equipped to speak on issues in today’s world. His talk will mainly focus on the plight of farmers who are driven to exist on a subsistence basis. He will discuss his company’s aim to provide financing to farmers around the world to grow hemp for CBD production, helping to improve their incomes and quality of life. 

  • Shelley Stark

CEO of, Shelley is the published author of ‘Hidden Treuhand’. Her topic of discussion will be ‘the impact of Novel Food law on products and producers’. She’ll talk about what the Novel Food law is and why it’s advantageous for the industry. CBD products have long been marginalised under EU law. Shelley will shed light on how the new Novel Food Law will boost consumer confidence and marketing assurance with licensed products.

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 Shelley’s talk will give you a fresh perspective on the Novel Food Law and its effects on marketing and product development. 

3. Enlightening seminar sessions that cover every aspect of the industry

These sessions will be equally informative for both established businesses and start-ups looking for fresh ideas and business direction. As you’re well aware, the white label market is highly competitive. The meticulously designed seminars are unlike any you have ever attended. They will address some of the hardest questions in the industry that haven’t been addressed yet. There will be a wide range of topics discussed, which include:

  • How to brand your products to boost sales
  • Understanding Amazon’s algorithms to benefit your business
  • New marketing opportunities to scale your brand and business

4. Panel Debates

These thought-provoking panel debates will offer lots of new information, comprehensively covering industry fundamentals such as pricing, trends, techniques, negotiating business deals and so on, with the experts answering all your questions. You will be armed with the know-how to take your online selling and branding techniques to the next level. This kind of real-world practical knowledge that can be applied to your business growth can’t be found anywhere else. 

5. Educational masterclasses and unparalleled networking opportunities

You get a chance to connect with the industry leaders and discuss business tips and new ideas about sourcing and selling the latest CBD products. You will get a unique opportunity to interact with renowned experts such as Claudia Studtmann, Head of Retail at Facebook. The White Label World Expo will truly give you unparalleled exposure and a chance to connect with thousands of like-minded professionals. This will be immensely beneficial for your company, as you can gain valuable advice on its operations and build long-term working relationships.

The White Label World Expo Frankfurt is the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs, online sellers, buyers and distributors to come together under one roof with numerous e-commerce, business and start-up owners. Whether you want to meet the representatives from leading global retailers like Amazon, eBay and Shopify or talk to the trendsetters in the CBD industry, you’ll find them all on the show floor. This is surely the place to be to unlock all your business potential and discover the latest ways to succeed in the CBD industry. So go ahead and visit the website White Label World Expo Europe, Frankfurt to register for your free ticket now!

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