Reakiro at the World CBD Awards

It’s almost time for the long-awaited World CBD Awards, where the who’s who of the CBD world get together to showcase premium brands and products. In just six months, an assortment of big names will be sponsoring the stellar event, including leading EU manufacturer and supplier of full-spectrum CBD, Reakiro, who will be a key platinum sponsor of the World CBD Awards this year.

Who are Reakiro, and what do they do?

Reakiro is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of full-spectrum CBD products. Their CBD oil comes from the highest quality EU industrial hemp, and each batch is tested in an independent third-party laboratory to ensure purity and give customers peace of mind.

Reakiro means “recovery” in the language of Esperanto. True to their name, Reakiro wants to improve the lives of others with top-quality hemp-based products. Their website states: “We believe in changing the world…naturally. Our vision is to become a world leader in creating, developing and supplying the highest quality hemp-based products and supporting services to help millions of lives around the world.”

Reakiro are one of the few CBD brands that can trace their products from seed to sale. This means they can trace the entire product lifecycle. Their extract is full-spectrum to ensure you get the full benefits of all the different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Reakiro have a range of CBD products, including:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils
  • CBD gel capsules
  • CBD gummies
  • Hemp seed oil skincare
  • CBD oil sprays
  • Immune capsules
  • CBD vegan capsules
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Raw hemp extract (CBD paste)
  • CBD skincare
  • Value packs
  • CBD sports skincare 0% THC
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They also have three product ranges that cater to specific needs, namely:

  • Full Swing: A variety of CBD products that fulfil a golfer’s needs and cares for them pre-game and post-game
  • Smart Restart: CBD muscle-relief gels aimed at easing pain after an intense workout
  • Goddess Sativa: Skincare products infused with full-spectrum cannabinoid oil to enrich skin with the natural benefits of hemp.

Reakiro remain a top CBD producer and seller, thanks to their high-quality yet affordable products. According to managing director Elena McKenzie, “To obtain high-quality CBD products requires not only financial investment but also a very high level of expertise and commitment to research and development.”

McKenzie adds that Reakiro is determined to develop new and innovative products that meet the ever-evolving consumer demand for quality wellness CBD products. The company is on a mission to improve everyday lives worldwide with high-quality hemp.

Reakiro as platinum sponsors at the World CBD Awards

Reakiro will be one of the Platinum Sponsors at the World CBD Awards. When asked what they are looking forward to most at the event, McKenzie replied: “The World CBD Awards spotlights safe, compliant and effective CBD and hemp products, devices and services on a global scale. The Awards also recognise and reward those who go the ‘extra mile' making the industry a safe and respected marketplace, illustrating that they operate with integrity, transparency & ethical business practices. Reakiro celebrates and supports the World CBD Awards in bringing awareness and raising the profile of CBD industry to industry regulators and participants.”

The World CBD Awards have expressed their delight at having Reakiro as a sponsor. According to the co-founder/financial director, Pamela Bonnick, “Reakiro are a fine example of a company doing things correctly, from their quality to their transparency they are a company that embodies our mantra of ‘we can do better' by going above and beyond in all areas of their business. They are one to be watched.”

reakiro at world cbd awards

The World CBD Awards 2022: “We Can Do Better”

Now that things are slowly but surely returning to normal after the pandemic, the World CBD Awards is back and bigger than ever. Scheduled to take place in 2021, organisers postponed the event to have a longer, more elaborate one from the 12th to the 15th of July in Barcelona this year. Soon, guests will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and forge partnerships with other key players in the industry.

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However, the World CBD Awards is much more than just a simple expo or conference. Above all, it is an awards ceremony to recognise exceptional brands and products. This year’s theme of “We Can Do Better” aims to inspire change and highlight pioneering brands in the industry that offer safe and ethical products and services to the public. Reakiro is one such brand, making them an ideal sponsor for the event.

The Extract as a World CBD Awards partner

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