Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

As our canine buddies grow older their joints can become inflamed and it is not uncommon for them to suffer from arthritis. Dog-lovers across the globe are seeking help and many have turned to CBD oil which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Dog-owners are using CBD and hemp dog products to help alleviate the stiffness and pains their dog may experience due to joint problems such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

We write this article to help you figure out if CBD oil is right for your dog. We aim to give you a better understanding of canine arthritis and how CBD oil may benefit dogs in the UK and beyond. Ultimately, we give you a review of the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis to make the decision easier for you.

Dog arthritis

Dog arthritis can be a painful and debilitating illness for any dog.

Dogs and humans are both mammals and have similar joint structures. This means just like humans, as dogs grow older, their joints can deteriorate or become inflamed, and in many cases, arthritis follows.

Canine arthritis is most common in older dogs. Nonetheless, genetics can cause a dog to suffer from arthritis earlier in life. Usually, arthritis occurs in the legs of a dog in places such as the paw, the elbow or the hip. Although, back and spinal arthritis are also not uncommon.

What happens is that the cartilage in a joint gets damaged or starts to break down which then causes roughness in the joint and the bones can start to rub together. This can cause discomfort, inflammation and even pain for your dog. Arthritis has a tendency to perpetuate as the rough rubbing of bone on bone. This can cause more cartilage damage and sometimes new bone forms around the joint making the area more arthritic and stiffer.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when your dog is ill. However, canine arthritis is possible to observe from changes in your dog’s behaviours. If you detect that your dog is becoming more tired or lame. Perhaps your dog is struggling to jump or walk fluidly. And in severe cases of dog arthritis, your dog may seem to expend a lot of effort to sit down or stand up. All of these are telltale signs that your dog could be suffering from canine arthritis.

The risk factors and signs of canine arthritis

Canine arthritis and joint pain are common in older dogs and many larger breeds of dogs. In the UK, it is estimated that 200,000 dogs are affected with osteoarthritis annually. Age is the main factor and as a dog grows older, the more likely they are to suffer from arthritis.

However, there are other risk factors to take into account. One is the breed. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to arthritis than others. These particularly include larger dogs such as Labradors, Rottweilers, Springer Spaniels, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

Larger dogs are more prone to suffering from arthritis due to more stress on their joints. Considering this, overweight dogs are more likely to experience arthritis. Small dogs that are carrying excessive weight, put stress on their joints, which could end up in joint damage.

Arthritis may be difficult to notice as it normally progresses slowly. However, being wary of the risk factors and being conscious of the subtle signs can help you aid your dog in the early stages when the disease is more manageable. Treating arthritis can slow or stop the progression of the joint disease.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Reluctant to move, go for walks or play
  • Lameness or other signs of finding it difficult to walk or run
  • Difficult to sit down, lie down, stand up or jump onto beds or sofas
  • Yelping or crying when touched
  • Less active
  • Spends a lot of time licking or biting a paw or elbow

Dog CBD oil for canine arthritis

CBD and hemp oil are natural supplements that can alleviate many of the symptoms of canine arthritis including; reducing pain and inflammation, helping the joints mend and bringing positive behavioural changes to your dog.

Research on the benefits and effectiveness of CBD is in its early stages. Nonetheless, there is some evidence showing that CBD oil can help dogs with arthritis. One study at the University of Cornell looked at CBD oil given to dogs with osteoarthritis. Although it was a small sample of dogs and only lasted 4 weeks, the results are promising. CBD oil helped dogs with osteoarthritis, specifically with pain management.

A more recent study supports the use of natural CBD, extracted from hemp, as a method for relieving dogs from arthritis symptoms and pain. Again, this was only a small study of 20 dogs. Nonetheless, it highlights the potential benefits of CBD for dogs as no adverse effects were observed. Additionally, the study demonstrated that CBD potency is important for dogs. If the CBD dose is too low in CBD potency, it may not relieve canine arthritis symptoms.

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Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

As the science behind CBD becomes more promising, CBD is beginning to be a viable option to help dogs with arthritis. CBD is also growing in popularity and numerous dog owners and pet lovers swear by CBD oil as a supplement for their fuzzy pooches. Considering this, here are some of our favourite CBD oils and products to help with canine arthritis in 2021.

1. TeddyDo hemp oil for dogs

This UK produced hemp oil is a great choice. It is 100% organic and is lab-tested ensuring that the product is natural and of the highest quality. The product aims to give dogs joint relief. A product that directly focuses on reducing joint inflammation and pain makes it a great oil to add to your dog’s food.

To add, TeddyDo gives clear and simple instructions about how much hemp oil is the required dose for your dog. Dogs under 20 lbs should receive a quarter dropper dose, while larger dogs of 50 lbs or over can receive a full dropper. These instructions are particularly important as it gives dog-owners guidelines to be able to give their dog an effective dose without giving them too much.

Customers seem very satisfied with the product, with many claiming that TeddyDo hemp oil is helping to reduce pain and stiffness in the joints of their beloved older dogs.

2. Greenheart CBD oil for animals

Just a stone’s throw over the water, an Irish company Greenheart is providing customers with a full-spectrum CBD oil for their animal-adoring customers. Greenheart makes a THC free CBD oil for your dog. THC free means you can be confident your dog does not feel any psychoactive effects from the product.

Customer reviews for Greenheart products are always positive. And the same goes for their CBD oil for dogs as customers express that their dogs are returning to their more energetic doggy selves.

3. GoodGrowlies hemp oil for dogs

Another 100% organic hemp oil. This product has no added fillers such as corn oil. With no added fillers you know the oil is more potent and more effective for treating your dog’s arthritis. It is cold-pressed hemp oil produced here in the UK.

GoodGrowlies is THC free and can be added to dog food or some drops can be added directly to your dog's mouth. Another potent product that clients hold to high acclaim for relieving their older dogs from pains and inflammation caused by arthritis.

4. Just CBD oil for dogs

Just CBD are one of the top CBD companies with a strong base in the UK. They have been creating a variety of exciting and reputable CBD products for humans and pets alike.

Just CBD wants to satisfy you and your dog’s needs. So they offer an array of different flavours and potencies to suit your dog. They have 3 doggy delicious flavours to choose from including beef, bacon and chicken flavoured CBD oil. To those who have picky dogs, we know good flavour is important. It allows for easy administration as you can add it to your dog’s food and they should gobble it down without much fuss.

You can also buy Just CBD oil in 3 different potencies (100 mg, 250 mg and 500 mg) to suit your dog’s size which makes it so much easier for dog owners to accurately dose their fluffy, amiable pets.

Just CBD make all-natural products. They ensure pet owners that their CBD oils are made from organic hemp seed, with no pesticides or herbicides used.

5. King Kalm CBD oil for pets

King Kalm CBD oil is a broad spectrum oil rich in cannabinoids specifically designed for pets. This CBD oil is easy to dose as it comes with a dosing chart so you can be confident about how much CBD is correct for your dog. To make it even easier to dose your dog, King Kalm provide a measuring syringe dropper, rather than a basic dropper so you can accurately measure each dose you give.

Boasting that their CBD oil is 100% pure and they do not use any artificial ingredients, flavours or preservatives. The CBD is suspended in krill oil which is high in omega fatty acids which are also potentially beneficial with help with reducing stiffness caused by arthritis.

King Kalm comes in 4 different potencies – 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg. So whether you have a small, medium or large dog, there is a CBD potency available.

6. Pawsome Products hemp oil

Pawsome Products is a company focusing on creating and providing wellness products for our pets. One of their most popular products is their organic hemp oil which is 100% natural.

This hemp oil is full of omega fatty acids and offers all the perks of hemp and fatty acids to your dog. This includes helping to alleviate pain and helping to improve joint movement.

Pawsome’s hemp oil can last a long time due to its maximum potency of 15,000 mg in a 30 ml bottle. If you have a small dog, this dog supplement can last 6 months or more.

The benefits of CBD oil for canines with arthritis

Now that you know some of the wonderful products on the market that can help your dog live a better life with arthritis, let’s have a look at the benefits in greater detail.

CBD is holistic and can help people and animals alike with numerous symptoms. Intriguingly, CBD is used to help alleviate many symptoms that are common in canine arthritis. With that in mind, it makes sense that CBD oil for dogs can be hugely helpful in managing arthritis from all angles. It is one product that could potentially reduce joint inflammation, alleviate pain and improve the dog’s overall health and mood.

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CBD oil can reduce joint inflammation

Probably, the most prevalent symptom of canine arthritis is joint inflammation. This is the ultimate cause of the stiffness, low energy and behaviour changes you may observe in your dog. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD subdues messages the body sends to cause inflammation which ends up reducing inflammation in the joints of dogs.

One study which tested CBD on rats with osteoarthritis found that CBD can significantly reduce inflammation in swollen joints. Not only did CBD reduce inflammation, but it also reduced pain and acted as a neuroprotective. Reducing inflammation is believed to be one of the most important aspects to alleviating the symptoms of arthritis, as reducing joint inflammation indirectly improves mobility and alleviates pain.

Arthritis is not curable, however, reducing inflammation can slow down or stop the progression of canine arthritis. And at least, reducing inflammation can allow your dog to be less stiff and more mobile and energetic.

CBD oil can alleviate pain

CBD is used to ease pain in two ways. Firstly, if the CBD reduces the inflammation, then the nerves in the joint become less sensitive which gives the dog instant pain relief. With less inflamed joints and fewer pain receptors igniting in the joints, your dog can go for a walk or move around your home with more like their natural, healthy selves.

Secondly, CBD can block pain signals from going to the brain. Similar to pain relief medicine, CBD inhibits pain receptors in the nervous system. This can give short term relief to your dog.

Research in Italy shows the pain relief properties of CBD for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. It found that oral transmucosal cannabidiol given alongside an anti-inflammatory drug to dogs suffering from arthritis can significantly reduce the pain experienced by the dogs. This was in comparison to dogs who only received an anti-inflammatory drug. These results are promising as the dog owners reported improvements in pain and the quality of life of their dogs, and did not mention any adverse effects.

As mentioned above, there are studies that suggest that CBD helps relieve the pain that comes with osteoarthritis for dogs.

CBD can promote joint tissue regeneration

Although research is limited, it is possible that CBD can help joints regenerate. One review found that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD combined with how it boosts the endocannabinoid system can promote cartilage repair. This is because CBD encourages the endocannabinoid system to produce more mesenchymal stem cells, which are used by the body to repair broken down cartilage. And healthy cartilage is key to your dog having strong and mobile joints.

More studies are needed to support this. At the same time if further research supports this CBD could play a significant part in the future of treating and managing arthritis and other joint problems.

Overall wellness

Like humans, if a dog suffers from a debilitating disease such as arthritis it can affect the overall wellness of the dog. If a dog is in pain or is failing to go for its daily walk, due to arthritis, it can affect the dog’s mental health. The dog may behave differently and its character may change. Put even simpler, CBD can improve your dog’s mood.

The calming effects of CBD can alleviate the stress a dog may experience for not being able to act in the way it wishes due to arthritis. If your dog can’t go for long walks or the pain is causing your dog to have poor quality sleep, then it is going to affect your dog’s mood and energy level. The calming sensations that CBD provides, at its bare minimum can possibly help your dog deal with its issues, making them feel less agitated or frustrated.

On the other hand, if CBD helps reduce inflammation and pain, it is going to indirectly improve your dog's mood. Ultimately, making your dog behave in the way it naturally wishes and making it happier.

How to use CBD oil for dogs

This all depends on the dog owner and how they wish to administer CBD. There are many CBD dog treats on the market which your dog may love to gobble down. These can be quite easy to give to your dog but you may find it difficult to dose your dog with treats. If you want are curious to know more about CBD-infused dog treats you can check out this article.

The standard way to do it is to just use a CBD dropper and with this method, you have more freedom with how much you give to your dog. At feeding time, you can add some drops to the dog’s food and mix it through to make sure they consume it. This is probably the easiest way as most dogs will eat their CBD-infused meal without any fuss.

Nonetheless, some dogs can be truly picky eaters and won’t eat food with a hint of CBD in it. With these dogs, we recommend when you feed your dog do not show them you are putting something else into the meal. Dogs are smart creatures and if they have a negative instinct about something they are likely to avoid it.

If you find either the above doesn’t work or you want to just directly give your dog CBD you can simply apply a few drops directly to your dog’s mouth using the dropper. This is for definite the most direct way. But it is a lot easier said than done.

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What is the correct CBD dose for my dog?

Dosing is one of the trickiest parts when it comes to using CBD for your pets. This is because your dog does not talk, unfortunately. They are not going to tell you if they are feeling the adverse effects or that their pain is gone.

Even now, we do not know the optimal dosage. Each dog is different and experiences the effects of CBD differently. Nevertheless, there are guidelines to follow based on the size of your dog. Research recommends that 2 mg for every 3 lbs weight.

  • Very small dogs (15 lbs or less in weight) can receive a dose of 5 mg to 15 mg. We recommend a 150 mg CBD oil potency. Dog breeds included in this category would be the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire terrier and the Pomeranian.
  • Small dogs (15-30 lbs in weight) can get a 5 mg to 30 mg dosage. We recommend a CBD oil of 300 mg potency. Some dog breeds in this category include the Beagle, the Corgi and the Bulldog.
  • Medium dogs (30-60 lbs in weight) can have doses from 15 mg up to 55 mg. We recommend 600 mg CBD oil for them. Dog breeds included in this list are Springer Spaniels, Collies, Pointers and some Huskies.
  • Large Dogs (60 lbs or more in weight). If you can find a CBD potency of 600 mg or more. Ideally, you can give your larger dog a dose of 25-120 mg dose. Dogs we consider to be in the large dog category are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes and many Mastiffs.

The above points are only guidelines. Each dog is different and each can react differently than others. This means some bigger dogs may be particularly sensitive to CBD and may need a smaller dose. On the other hand, some smaller dogs may not need larger doses to get the optimal effect from the CBD.

Is CBD oil canine safe?

High-quality studies have been done on dogs and a large number of animals using CBD products and it is clear that it is safe to give to your dogs. Even overly high doses given to animals have few or no negative effects.

Having said that, side effects can still occur. Especially when you first start giving your dog CBD. We believe it is important that you monitor your dog closely in the initial period of administering CBD oil to them.

Some of the most common side effects of CBD you may notice in dogs are:

  • Drowsiness/sleeping a lot – This can be quite common at the beginning. It also could be a sign that you gave your dog too much CBD oil. Luckily, a deep snooze is probably the only main effect of too much CBD on your dog.
  • Vomiting/nausea – This should not happen too often. Nevertheless, if it is constant, CBD may not be for your dog. This is simply because your dog the CBD is vomited up and fails to reach the bloodstream of your dog and is not going to have any effect.
  • Lethargy/low blood pressure – Normally, if there is a drop in blood pressure it is not substantial. It may cause your dog to feel lightheaded and somewhat lethargic. If your dog continues to have a low mood, CBD may not be the best choice for your dog.
  • Dry mouth – This may be difficult to notice. It is also harmless. Just leave your dog an extra-large bowl of water just in case CBD makes them feel thirsty.

Common pharmaceutical medicines vs CBD oil for canine arthritis

Although there can be side effects with using CBD oil to treat your dog, these side effects usually only last a short while after dosing. The same cannot be said with many prescription medicines used to treat dog arthritis. These medicines can be effective at treating canine arthritis but with numerous potential adverse effects.

Some of the stronger medicine such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be quite severe on the body. Sometimes they can damage the dog’s kidneys and cause ulcers in other parts of the urinary and digestive system.

For this reason, a natural treatment that uses CBD oil along with exercise and nutrition is the best for arthritis in dogs.

The best treatment for dog arthritis

For many, the most natural approach is best to treat any ailment. We recommend a multi-dimensional natural approach to treat your dog’s arthritis combined with CBD oil if it is at all possible.

CBD combined with exercise and good nutrition in most cases should help improve the situation of your dog. For example, food and nutrition can be really important to a dog suffering from arthritis. A better diet with more fatty acids can help loosen the joints of stiff, older dogs.

Exercise can also help the dog move their joints more which increase blood flow to the damaged joints which can also help accelerate the healing process. Additionally, a better diet and exercise can help control weight. This is particularly important as obesity is a leading cause of arthritis and joint damage in dogs.

Good, multifaceted treatment includes the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis.

CBD oil for do can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. However, the symptoms are not going to go away or could eventually get worse if the underlying causes of the arthritis are still present. So, if your dog is overweight, or does not exercise enough or has a diet low in fatty acids then CBD is not going to be of great help. It is only of benefit if you can work on the underlying problems and use CBD as a beneficial supplement.

To conclude

We have pointed out some of the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis on the UK market. There is a large selection to choose from a variety of potency, special flavours. Natural and organically grown and extracted oils are always the best.

Even though research is in its early stages CBD can possibly help tackle canine arthritis symptoms in our beloved dogs. It seems particularly effective when it is added to a healthy exercise and nutrition regimen.

Whether CBD is reducing inflammation, alleviating pain or simply allowing your dog to feel less stressed, CBD could very well become every vet's go-to answer for dogs who suffer from joint problems.

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