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“Worry free CBD” NFL Chris Hetherington launches orange peel CBD brand

It took former NFL player Chris Hetherington to show us the full potential of orange peel CBD. That's correct people, CBD made from orange peels and not hemp.

The NFL star has officially launched his new brand, Peels, specialising in CBD products extracted from the peel of the popular citrus fruit. The brand has revolutionised the production of CBD for market by promising a purer, better textured, and consistent product when compared to regular CBD from the cannabis plant. Due to its fruit source, Peels also boasts about zero traces of THC present in their products, making them a preferable option for some people.

After a $4 million investment from KarpReilly LLC., a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, the 11 year NFL player was proud to announce his supported discovery and business model.

Great news for the NFL player as KarpReily’s track record is quite prosperous. Their portfolio includes all types of food startups including Iconic Protein for health food connoisseurs, KOIA, the plant-based protein drink brand, Pop & Bottle health drink latte brand, nutritional shakes brand Remedy Organics, and health drinks brand Rowdy Mermaid, to name a few.

We may be seeing the new “worry free” Peels CBD in mainstream supermarkets in due time.

What is Chris Hetherington claiming?

As the founder and CEO of Peels, Hetherington is claiming the molecular compounds between cannabis-derived CBD and orange peel-derived CBD are virtually the same.
Peels uses an exclusively established scientific process called Cyclic Terpene Assembly (CTA), “a proprietary technique for combining organic molecules without sullying them with solvents or destroying their essence.”

Essentially, this process combines highly potent compounds and terpenes from orange peels with olivetol (a naturally occurring and organic compound). The compounds are placed under heated pressure with a catalyst to enable a faster and unique chemical reaction.

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The final result is a pure crystalline CBD form that is “unmatched in purity and consistency”.

Bio-identical CBD from citrus fruit is the way forward, according to Hetherington. Claiming to have created a purer form of CBD, the NFL player has also been motivated by opportunities within the CBD industry for a more sustainable practice. As a “resource intensive crop”, Hetherington claims that regular hemp CBD can consume up to 1 million gallons of water per acre. Meaning, orange peels from citrus farms are repurposed for Peels and not sent to the farm’s waste streams, saving additional water use.

“The new CBD”

As a popular ingredient that is continuously rising, CBD products are being produced at fast rates to keep up with competition. Hetherington was conscious of this and concerned about the rate of growth, questioning the transparency of certain brands and the safety of some products for human consumption. He birthed Peels as an organic brand that is free of pesticides or toxic impurities.

The NFL star was also concerned about the varying legalities of CBD from state to state.
As Hetherington says, “Peels was born because I believe everyone deserves to feel and perform their best, every day. But the pursuit of doing so should not include risky solutions. Peels is CBD without the worry – supremely pure and safe. Guaranteed THC-free and hemp-free.”

In raw form, Peels’ CBD products are tasteless and odourless in comparison to some regular hemp CBD products. This creates a new cannabinoid experience for consumers to enjoy the benefits of CBD by adding the tincture to their food or directly in the mouth.

Important discoveries

Hetherington claims, “Peels CBD won’t show up on the drug test because we can guarantee that our product is 100% THC-free. If a hemp-derived CBD claims it has 0% THC, it can still have trace amounts that can result in a failed drug test. THC has been found to be present in 21.4% of products labelled as 100% CBD.”

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This is perhaps revolutionary with regards to the experienced NFL star, who sympathises with the issues of sports-related drug testing and various professionals' relationships to the use of CBD. His long-term goal is to democratise the CBD industry and release the stigma surrounding CBD by making it more accessible to everyone.

Hetherington highlights how CBD products, although gaining popularity, are relatively difficult to find in mainstream stores due to surrounding taboos. Hetherington is anticipating the FDA’s approval of CBD as a food additive in 2022, hoping that a shift in knowledge will begin. He is hoping that it starts with an innovative citrus CBD.

Available nationwide in the US and for delivery worldwide, Peels CBD should be “worry free”. That being, with trace amounts of THC there should be no legal penalties depending on individual state or country law. As certified THC-Free from Clean Label Project, the citrus based CBD may be a safe option.

The takeaway

There is great interest in what Peels and the NFL star have achieved with regards to CBD, making you wonder if the same scientific discovery can be applied to various other fruits, plants, or consumables.

Hetherington has had his stamp on the website for all other information you may need. We’re keeping our eyes “Peeled” for Hetherington’s products in our supermarkets.

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