Can CBD lower blood pressure? Research is positive

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that a single dose of cannabidiol was enough to reduce blood pressure among otherwise healthy adults. Healthy adult male volunteers in a double-blind study were given either 600mg of CBD or a placebo, to investigate how CBD affects blood pressure in otherwise healthy adults.

The study came from existing pre-clinical evidence of the cardiovascular benefits of CBD, and the fact that cannabidiol has already been used to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis and intractable forms of epilepsy.

CBD reduces resting blood pressure

The study conclusively showed that CBD reduces both resting blood pressure and the increase in blood pressure humans experience under stress. The research demonstrated that participants who took CBD had considerably lower blood pressure than individuals who took the placebo when their blood pressure was tested after a series of mental and physical stress tests.

Hemp CBD lower blood pressure

While researchers concluded that more work was needed to establish what role CBD could play in treating cardiovascular disorders, the results of the study are undeniably promising.

Negative health effects of high blood pressure

It’s no secret that stress – and high blood pressure that can happen as a result – is a serious spanner in the works of our general health.

In fact, a recent report from Cigna health insurance showed that workplace stress is on the rise all over the globe (with millennials and women bearing the brunt of workplace stress). So if you were thinking of packing up your bags to set up a remote working network by the beach in Australia – don’t bother, there’s probably something equally stressful over there just waiting to send your blood pressure through the roof (like spiders raining down from the sky).

Heath Health and CBD

The body operates on a nourishing and efficient supply of blood to fuel all your most basic functions. High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) prevents your blood circulating properly, which can cause a whole host of negative effects from sexual dysfunction and trouble sleeping, too much more serious issues such as kidney failure and an increased risk of aneurysm.

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Stress and hypertension

Since hypertension is often caused by stress, you can often end up dealing with it in alongside the many other side effects of stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can also lead to heart disease, diabetes and disordered eating (like undereating, binge-eating, or a combination of the two). Stress can also trigger flare-ups in chronic conditions like insomnia and IBS.

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According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the United States, which are both commonly caused by high blood pressure.

can CBD relieve stress

Other than introducing CBD into your wellness routine, you can also consult your GP about how to go about lowering your blood pressure. Many people successfully lower their blood pressure through a controlled diet and taking up calming activities such as yoga and meditation.

Our biggest question – will smothering a hypertension-inducing burger in CBD-infused sauce cancel out all the calories? One can dream. Maybe try mindfulness or a CBD-infused chai latte instead – it may just put you to sleep.

To conclude, health problems associated with high blood pressure such as anxiety or panic attacks, are on the rise throughout society, but CBD is being investigated for its potential value as a treatment for the condition.

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