CBD to quit smoking: How does it help?

Smoking cigarettes has to be one of the most challenging bad habits to break. No matter how hard you try, tobacco and cigarettes seem to always find a way back to you. However, have you ever thought about using CBD to quit smoking?

CBD for alleviating withdrawal symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of giving up tobacco make the earliest days without cigarettes difficult to bear. They are the main reason why most people give in less than a week after quitting cigarettes cold turkey.

Withdrawal symptoms are very much real and can actually make people sick. They can affect you both physically and mentally. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings

CBD could help tackle some of these withdrawal symptoms. If you experience physical pain after quitting whether it is your throat or constant headaches, CBD is worth considering. CBD may work as pain relief and has some anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for irritable throats and persistent migraines.

For your mental well-being, CBD could also be of use. People are using CBD to help with managing mood swings. Anecdotally, people use it to boost their mood. CBD has a calming effect that could help you feel less agitated and help you cope with the difficulties of nicotine withdrawal.

CBD hushes nicotine cravings

Nicotine is one of the world’s most addictive substances. Even though nicotine is not as intensely rewarding as other substances, it does trigger the brain to act differently.

Nicotine releases dopamine in your brain and dopamine is the hormone that induces the feeling of pleasure. Anything that releases dopamine in our brain triggers us to often repeat that action. And unfortunately in many people’s cases that act is smoking a cigarette.

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Using CBD could help fight against these cravings. This is because CBD also interacts with dopamine receptors, which could help suppress cravings. If your dopamine levels are moderated, then you should not feel the urge to smoke as much.

Smoking CBD to fight against the smoking habit

Nicotine is not the only thing addictive about smoking, in fact, the habit of smoking can be as addictive. For instance, you could be the sort of person that habitually smokes a cigarette with their morning coffee. Or when out in a beer garden with friends, you cannot fight the urge to light up a cigarette.

This is usually not a nicotine craving that you desire, more so an addiction to an old habit. A study has even suggested that CBD can help fight against these environmental cues. An oral dose of CBD can help reduce the pleasantness of the cues and suppress those urges.

However, smoking addictions can go even deeper, into minute movements. You may miss putting a cigarette to your mouth. Or you may not know what to do with your fingers now that they are idle.

If this is you, smoking CBD could be a better option. Many people turn to vapes with nicotine to help soften the habit. However, it could be a better option to choose to vape CBD instead. You can fight against the smoking habit and also enjoy all the potential benefits CBD has for someone on the journey to quit smoking.

How to use CBD to quit smoking

The easiest way to use CBD to quit smoking is by replacing smoking nicotine with vaping CBD. This is the most common way people choose to use CBD as a tool to quit smoking.

This is simply because vaping CBD can replace the act of smoking tobacco, as well as, provide solace from the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of living without nicotine.

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However, if you want to give up the act of smoking in its entirety, there are CBD oils and edibles that help you get through the process. This may be a more difficult option but it could be extremely worthwhile.

Saying that, whatever way you chose to use CBD to help you quit smoking, we recommend that you buy high-quality CBD products. You should ensure that the products you buy are tested and are from a reputable brand. Whether it is CBD oil or CBD vaping liquid, you should buy premium products to give yourself the best help to quit smoking.

CBD is not addictive

CBD does not need to be forever. You do not need to replace cigarettes with CBD for life. CBD can help you through the initial periods of your journey to quit smoking and when the withdrawal symptoms and cravings start to fade, you can also stop using CBD.

This is obviously your choice. However, if you find CBD has benefited you in other ways then you can be free to use CBD whenever it suits you. CBD is generally seen as a safe supplement with no severe adverse effects.

In summary

If you feel like you have exhausted every option and still cannot seem to rid cigarettes from your life, CBD could be the method that finally works. CBD could help you overcome incessant cravings and overpowering habits. Thus freeing you from the shackles of nicotine.

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