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CBD to reduce new job stress – keeping it under wraps

Everyone will face the life-changing experience of a new job at some point. Maybe we’ve been there more times than we like to admit! But however many times we’ve settled into a new job, there is always some level of stress. Can CBD help reduce new job stress and ease you through the tricky first weeks?

The thrill of a new job is exhilarating for many people, boosting confidence and raising achievement levels. For others, it can be a time of worry and stress. They may doubt their own talents and skills and wonder if HR has made some terrible mistake. Imposter syndrome, as it’s called, can be debilitating and affect our work performance.

A certain amount of stress is perfectly normal. It is part of our instinctive fight or flight mechanism. We need stress to tackle the demands of daily life. But when it rises too high and impacts wellbeing it can be harmful and difficult to control.

Why is a new job so stressful?

It’s not surprising that a new job can cause stress. This may be even more of an issue now that traditional workplace routines have possibly disappeared for good. There will plenty of things to get used to. Think of all the new hurdles there are to negotiate:

  • Finding a new route to work, perhaps a long commute
  • In post-pandemic times, finding a suitably quiet workspace at home
  • Managing family life and children while trying to focus on work
  • Understanding new work routines, processes, acronyms, even the photocopier
  • Establishing relationships with new colleagues and getting to grips with office politics
  • Taking on greater responsibility and new challenges that ask you to dig deep
  • Working longer hours, or shift work that can disrupt sleep or home life

How does new job stress reveal itself?

The stress brought on by a new job is much like other types of worry or anxiety. And it affects everyone in slightly different ways. Familiar symptoms could show themselves as:

  • Feeling nervous or jittery all-day
  • Getting extra worried or upset by simple mistakes
  • Not being able to ‘switch off’ when you finish for the day
  • Difficulty sleeping as the day’s events are on constant mental repeat
  • Increased heart rate and breathing, or even panic attacks
  • Getting ‘edgy’ hours before work or facing particular tasks
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How can CBD help?

Luckily, CBD can be a reliable help for anyone experiencing the stress of a new job. CBD has been proven to help with some serious medical issues and is being trialled for more conditions. However, it is also becoming extremely popular for managing everyday stress and worries.

CBD is thought to reduce stress, manage anxiety and – many people believe – help with depression. It reacts with the endocannabinoid system that keeps the body functioning.
CBD reduces stress hormones and this, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

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As a result, general feelings of stress and worry may be reduced. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many thousands of people are turning to CBD to induce calm into busy, stressful lives.

New job stress could well benefit from regular CBD. It could be taken as one daily dose, like a vitamin, or consumed at times of increased worry and pressure. It may help to manage the symptoms of anxiety, support a more regulated mood, and create some calm.

Many people report that taking CBD can improve focus and concentration. It could be a great help, either for getting one job done or tackling simultaneous projects or demands.

Furthermore, CBD may support a good night’s sleep. This inevitably reduces stress levels for the following day, so you wake better prepared for new challenges. And everyone works a bit harder and feels a little more tired when starting a new job.

Take CBD at work without anyone knowing

Of course, in a new job people are likely to be more aware of how they are perceived. It’s natural to be concerned about the first impressions we make on others. This is particularly true when starting a new job. We go the extra mile to keep what others might call ‘questionable habits’ under wraps, at least early on.

Understandably, people may be nervous about taking CBD in the workplace. Many people still associate it with cannabis rather than a wellness supplement. However, there’s no need to worry about taking CBD at work. It is legal to buy and use in the UK.

CBD products must abide by strict legislation. Therefore, any CBD products sold in the UK must contain less than 1 mg of THC. This is the compound found in cannabis that creates a psychoactive reaction. It’s highly unlikely for anyone to get ‘high’ from a CBD product.

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CBD products that won’t raise any eyebrows

There are so many CBD products on the market now that it is easy to take CBD discreetly. No one at work need to know that you are managing your stress levels with CBD. Here are some of the best ways to take CBD at work without getting the ‘side-eye’ from new colleagues.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies or chewy sweets are regular gummy bears that are infused with CBD. They are tasty, sweet and fun to reach for in times of stress. They look like ordinary gummies and are super easy to take.

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Gummies are classed as edibles – they need to travel through the digestive system before getting to work. This means it will take a couple of hours before you feel the benefit. Of course, they will work faster on an empty stomach.

So, for managing ongoing work worries during the day, take a couple well apart. And reach for more if extra demands are piling on the pressure. Best not to leave them out though and risk people dipping in.

They are also available in different strengths of CBD. Perhaps keep different strengths with you to meet any unexpected demands.

CBD herbal tea

Plenty of people brew chamomile or peppermint tea at work to soothe their nerves. Herbal teas are a staple in the workplace and a natural way to combat anxiety. Herbal teas containing CBD extract may further help take away any creeping edginess. They are a great alternative to coffee or caffeinated drinks which can exacerbate feelings of nervous energy.

As well as tasting great, they come in a range of strengths and flavours. The traditional herbal remedies act alongside the infused CBD to restore a sense of calm and balance. Nobody will realise the herbal tea in your mug is anything different to their own.

CBD cereal bars

This is another great way to get a boost from CBD and take in some wholefood goodness. Cereal bars are a common sight in the workplace. They provide nourishment and slow-release energy that keep the body fuelled and functioning.

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A cereal bar infused with CBD provides the tasty, fulfilling ingredients you expect. In addition, it may create a change in your stress levels, too. Keep the mid-morning ‘hangry’ stress at bay with a handy, power-packed bar.

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However, be careful with packaging. Some products are packaged with cannabis motifs, so perhaps take the wrapper home to avoid awkward questions. After all, you are taking CBD to help manage stress, not increase it.

CBD sprays

CBD oil is the most popular way to take CBD. Drops are placed under the tongue and held there for a few minutes. The CBD properties are absorbed quickly and bypass the digestive system, unlike edibles. However, consuming oil like this can be obvious and may draw attention.

A more discreet way to get the speedy delivery of CBD is with an oral spray. CBD is held in a liquid, usually fruit or mint flavoured. One quick spray into the mouth delivers the CBD in the same speedy way as oil. It’s fast to use and gets fast-acting results but looks like a regular mouth freshener. Top up whenever stress levels start to rise to promote calm and keep work levels maintained.

Clocking out

A new job will inevitably bring stress, that’s a given. But it can also be exciting, challenging and rewarding. A new job can provide financial benefits, increased knowledge, well-deserved responsibility and good friends.

CBD is a great support for wellbeing at a difficult time. However, other factors also play a vital role in managing stress and it’s important to look after all-round health at this time:

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep rests an overworked brain and prepares you for the next working day.
  • Regular exercise, even just a short lunchtime walk, can bring worry levels down and create a good work/life balance.
  • Talk to colleagues or support services if the job is confusing or overwhelming. There could be a simple solution to any problem.
  • Mindful activities such as meditation, yoga, reading or drawing can distract the mind from overthinking about work.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and avoids processed sugary foods. A healthy body, as they say, makes a healthy mind.
  • Switch off mobile phones when work finishes. Work and personal time should remain separate.

Congratulations on the new job – you will be great! Accept and understand that it can take months to settle in and learn everything. Everybody makes mistakes, even after years in a job. But if at times you need a helping hand, CBD can be a very useful extra support.

Claire McKenna

Claire McKenna is a content writer and editor with a background in consumer, medical and lifestyle publishing. Away from work she ushers at a theatre, does yoga challenges and loves a good podcast.

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