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Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022

If you're struggling with the new normal, fear not. You aren't alone! COVID-19 now stands in the way of life as we know it. To combat this, many people are turning to CBD products for relief.

However, finding the perfect CBD oil, tincture, or edible can be tough. In fact, the wide variety on the market can make things even more complicated. Thankfully, at The Extract, we're here to help.

We've researched some of the best CBD brands on the market. Regardless of what you're looking for, there's something on our list for everyone. Here are the best CBD products on the market for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Can CBD help with anxiety, stress, and depression?

Research shows that CBD could potentially help with anxiety. In fact, a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology explored the relationship between CBD and social anxiety disorder. Results showed that participants treated with CBD reported a reduction in anxiety levels.

Before we can properly establish whether CBD products can help with anxiety, we'll need much more research. Until then, the results are positive!

While anecdotal evidence points to CBD helping with depression, we cannot explicitly agree with this conclusion, as we need more scientific evidence. This will help to establish whether or not CBD can actually help with depression.

However, studies show that CBD could help to regulate your mood. A 2011 study showed that CBD could play a therapeutic role in mood regulation. Therefore, taking a CBD product could help improve your mood — or at least help to regulate it.

But can CBD help with stress? Well, anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that CBD could help tackle stress-related symptoms. The good news is that science seems to agree.

Two of the most common stress-related symptoms are insomnia and chronic pain. Research shows that CBD could help with both.

A 2019 study in The Permanente Journal explored the connection between CBD, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Results showed that 66.7% of patients treated with CBD experienced an improved sleep score.

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Additionally, a 2018 study looked into treating different models of pain with cannabinoids. Results showed that certain CBD products (in this case, smokables) were fairly effective at treating chronic pain.

Therefore, turning to CBD to help with your mental health, could turn out to be a very good idea.

Top 5 best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022

If you're wondering what CBD products to add to your wellness routine, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of the best forms of CBD on the market. To do this, we considered a vast number of factors — from strength and purity, to flavours and form.

Canndid CBD Tincture — 1000 mg: Best for anxiety

Taking a tincture is an excellent way to get a discreet dose of CBD. We're recommending this CBD tincture for anxiety because of how easy it is to use. With a tincture, you simply use the dropper, placing a few drops under your tongue.

Canndid CBD Tincture

Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022 1
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 250 - 1550 mg per bottle
  • COA: Available
Price: £-££

If you are thinking about buying some CBD oil in an effort to secure a good night's sleep, the Canndid tincture range could be the product for you. There are 3 different tinctures that range from 250mg to 1500mg of cannabidiol.

It also contains many other cannabinoids like CBN, CBDA, CBC, CBG and CBDV.

This offering from Canndid is delightfully flavoured with mixed berry. Not only is it easy to use, but it also tastes delicious. Furthermore, it's free from THC, making it an excellent option for people with anxiety, or people who have a sensitivity to THC.

Canndid makes this must-have CBD product in a selection of different strengths. Apart from the 1000 mg option, choose from 1500 mg, or 250 mg. That's right, there's something for everyone!

Canndid's 1000 mg CBD tincture is:

  • Third-party lab tested, ensuring quality in every bottle.
  • Free from THC.
  • Subtly flavoured with sweet berries.

Just CBD Flavoured Gummies — 1000 mg: Best CBD product for stress

CBD gummies make for an excellent way to consume CBD. They're absolutely delicious. Plus, their low bioavailability rate means that you can perfectly time your dose, and its effects.

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We've selected this jar of gummies from Just CBD because of their sheer variety. Choose from five different options, with each option containing 25 mg of pure CBD. Each jar contains 40 CBD gummies.

Just CBD Flavoured Gummies 1000mg

Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022 2
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25mg
  • COA: Out Of Stock
Price: £-££

Just CBD believe that you have the right to know what is inside your CBD products. It is their mission and promise never to misrepresent the content of their products. With the help of world-class lab tests, you can be confident that Just CBD is made with industry-leading quality, honesty and love.

We know how difficult it can be to find time to relax with a busy schedule. CDB Gummies are the perfect, tasty, addition to any daily routine, guaranteed to set you on the path for a relaxing, positive day.

By opting for an edible over other CBD products, you can take your dose of CBD a few hours before you need it to kick in. For example, take a few gummies with breakfast, to make the rest of your workday go a little more smoothly. You could also eat a few gummies for dessert, letting it do its work when bedtime rolls around.

Just CBD's gummies are:

  • Varied; choose from five different options.
  • Discreet, taking the form of a tasty treat.
  • A great bargain, with 40 gummies in each jar.

Dinner Lady CBD 500 mg 30 ml e-Liquid: Best vapable form of CBD

If you're a vape enthusiast, we haven't forgotten about you. Your vape pen could be a great way to get a dose of CBD. In fact, that's why we recommend this handy, CBD-rich vape juice from Dinner Lady.

When it comes to vaping CBD, you won't want to opt for just any CBD oil and product. You'll want to take your time when making your selection.

Dinner Lady CBD 250mg 10ml E-Liquid

Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022 3
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 250mg
  • COA: Out Of Stock
Price: £-££

Dinner Lady makes some of the best e-liquids on the market. Their CBD-rich option is no different. Plus, the high bioavailability rate makes it an excellent option for people who need a quick dose of CBD.

Dinner Lady's CBD e-liquid is:

  • Free from nicotine.
  • Made in the UK, following legal guidelines and practices.
  • Third-party lab tested, ensuring that it's safe to use.

Naturecan 500 mg CBD Protein Powder: Best CBD product for fitness enthusiasts

During the pandemic, many people have hit the gym — hard. While this can help take your mind off the new normal, it can also put more strain on your joints and muscles. Up your protein intake and deal with inflammation with this CBD-infused protein powder.

While it's a CBD-infused protein powder, Naturecan doesn't exactly skimp on the protein. In fact, every serving contains up to 20 g of premium protein. It also contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. This means it's free from THC, making it a suitable option for professional athletes.

Naturecan 500mg CBD Protein Powder

Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022 4
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 20g
  • COA: Out Of Stock
Price: ££-£

Packed with 20g protein, our CBD Whey Protein combines your everyday dietary boost with quality CBD for powerful, all-natural nutritionals – low in sugar and created with 100% natural flavourings.

Get the protein you need from a premium source, helping to build and maintain muscle the clean way, while 25mg broad-spectrum CBD helps tackle next-day DOMS and inflammation so you’re ready to go again. Available in smooth vanilla cream and rich dark chocolate flavours, give your sweet cravings the kick and keep your training on track.

The CBD-infused protein powder from Naturecan is:

  • Made from broad-spectrum CBD, so it doesn't contain THC.
  • Low in sugar.
  • Available in two tasty flavours.

Canndid Camomile CBD Tea Bags: Best for better sleep

If you're looking to treat yourself to a good night's sleep, look no further than these soothing teabags from Canndid.

Combining the sleep-inducing powers of chamomile with relaxing CBD, this tea is perfect to sip just before bedtime. Plus, the tea is made solely from hemp and chamomile. This means that it's free from caffeine, so you won't be up later than you want to be.

Canndid - CBD Camomile Tea Bags

Best CBD products for anxiety, stress, and depression 2022 5
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 10mg
  • COA: In Stock
Price: £-££

Canndid - CBD Camomile Tea Bags blend whole chamomile flowers with fine hemp for a peaceful night.

The sweetness of chamomile flowers combined with the benefits of high-quality CBD create a relaxing end to the day. This pack contains 20 tea bags with 10 mg of CBD in each bag.

The Canndid Camomile CBD Tea:

  • Is caffeine-free, to put you to sleep.
  • Contains 10 mg of CBD in each tea bag.
  • Is third-party tested, to ensure that it only contains good-quality hemp, and whole chamomile flowers.

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