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French entrepreneur creates CBD infused wine

A young French entrepreneur has launched the first CBD infused wine in Bordeaux. Although THC is illegal in France, CBD consumption is legal. Many studies have backed up its use for treating stress and everyday aches and pains.

Raphael De Pablo, the creator of the Burdi W brand uses locally sourced “petit verdot” varietal in his wine. The ingredient is often reserved for high-quality wines with CBD.

Although the product is entirely legal, it cannot claim to be wine and must be marketed as a flavoured wine-based drink. The touch of blackcurrant in the wine balances out the strong taste of CBD.

The popularity of CBD infused alcohol

The brand has attracted over 1,000 backers in a crowdfunding campaign. Raphael has sold 8,000 bottles already at €34 per bottle.
Most of the buyers reside in France. However, some consumers in countries across Europe and in the United States have also placed orders.

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France is a wine-loving country; however, there is evidence that young people feel less drawn to consuming regular wine than their elders and parents. The brand is hoping to target young people with this CBD wine.

The design of the wine bottle features a marijuana leaf on a glow-in-the-dark label in the hopes of targeting a young and sophisticated audience.

Mixing alcohol and CBD

Alcohol is known as a substance that promotes relaxation and lowers inhibitions. CBD can have a similar effect on the human body. Since CBD first entered the health and wellness space, a lot of research has been carried out to back the use of CBD to reduce stress and frustration.

It is possible that combining CBD and alcohol could enhance these effects, potentially resulting in sedation and increased sleepiness. There is also speculation that mixing the two can intensify each other’s effects, leading to behaviour and mood changes.

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One study focused on the effects of giving subjects 200 mg of CBD with 1 gram of alcohol for every 1 kg of body weight. It found that mixing CBD and alcohol caused severe impairments in motor performance and alterations in time perception. The subjects did not experience these effects when they solely took CBD.

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However, this study does not entirely discredit the use of CBD and alcohol together as it is outdated. Additionally, the amount of CBD given to participants was higher than what most people generally consume. There is very little research on the health implications of combining alcohol and CBD.

Key takeaways

Many studies in animals and humans have discovered that CBD could reduce some of the side effects of alcohol. It is unclear as to whether or not taking alcohol and CBD together will result in adverse health effects since research is limited.

Additionally, the impact of CBD varies for each individual, so it is challenging to determine whether mixing alcohol and CBD would impact all people in the same way. Not to mention, most of the current research on the top focuses on the impact of consuming a high amount of CBD with alcohol as opposed to the effect of taking CBD and having a few drinks here and there.

If you choose to mix alcohol and CBD, it is best to stick to low amounts of both to lower the risk of side effects. It is also essential to speak with your doctor if you have any concerns. Until more research and studies are conducted, it remains unclear whether it is good to mix CBD and alcohol.

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