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A breakthrough for full-spectrum CBD in the UK

Good news for the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) consortium partners as the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) have granted pre-validation status for pending applications. This confirmation means that both full-spectrum and natural isolate products under the EIHA consortium partners umbrella can remain on sale in the UK after the 31st of March.

This pre-validation status, granted by the FSA, demonstrates that they are in agreement with the hemp industry, and the EIHA consortium in particular, regarding the need to determine safety levels of novel food products. This is a pivotal moment in building a regulatory framework for the hemp industry.

Other the coming months, both CBD and THC products will undergo toxicological testing. The results of this testing will determine whether an official validation will be granted.

EIHA Vice President, Ms Catherine Wilson thanked the FSA and commented “I feel gratitude and relief that our voice has been heard and [I would like to] thank the FSA for their progressive stance to offer a path to regulatory compliance”.

What is the EIHA?

The European Industrial Hemp Association is an organisation that equally represents the interests of both hemp producers and processing companies. EIHA provides EU decision-makers with accurate information that is crucial in forming hemp-related policies.

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The European Industrial Hemp Association aims to protect the hemp industry in the EU. EIHA also represents the interests of industry workers. This includes producers, hemp farmers, and traders who work with leaves, seeds, cannabinoids, hemp fibres, and shivs.

EIHA is heavily involved with the CBD food and supplement industry. The organisation also covers other areas like the use of hemp in cosmetics, feed, construction, and textiles.

What does this mean for the hemp industry?

This summer, EIHA will commence investigating the effects of THC on humans. ChemSafe in GLP laboratories is responsible for conducting research.  Researchers have never conducted studies to this scale before. It will play a crucial role in establishing safe consumption levels of THC in supplements and foods.

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In 2019 there was some discussion surrounding the status of cannabis and cannabis resin. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that pure CBD should not fall under the International Drug Control Conventions.

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Although the UN has not taken this recommendation, further consideration has been requested. Experts believe that the results of EIHA’s clinical studies will prove useful in this decision-making process.

Mr Tony Reeves, Member of the Advisory Committee and UK Representative states “this development has within it the potential to preserve consumer choice by maintaining access to a range of CBD product forms, whilst ensuring safety and compliance is the priority of all members of the CBD supply chain.”

EIHA hopes that the positive discussions with the FSA will continue over the coming years. Many believe that a regulatory framework will support further investment and expansion of the CBD industry in the UK and Europe. This will not only have numerous economical and employment benefits for the industry but will also benefit consumers.

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